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Friday, April 29, 2016

How to Decorate an Open Concept Space

Most of us love the idea of a big open concept space - it offers us to many possibilities and our living area feels so huge but it can be a big challenge to figure out how to decorate and use all of that open space. In a more traditional style home, we have a lot of walls and those wall provide definition for each room - a designated living room, dining room or office - it is simple to visualize and to furnish.  Big open spaces, although lovely, they present challenges for many home owners because everything is so open! 

So here are some great tips to tackle the challenges:

1 - Fluidity - In an open-concept home it's even more important to make sure that all the elements work together and the space looks cohesive. So stick to a paint colour concept throughout the open space.  If you want to introduce a new colour, try it in a room with doors - like bedrooms and/or bathrooms.  One colour throughout keeps the open space feeling. Same goes for the flooring - keep it consistent (like the paint) to keep that flow which maintains that spacious feel and look.

Loving this open concept! @tollbrothers:

2 - Definition.  Some time open space are just too open so how do you tackle that? Use rugs to define the rooms.  An area rug in a living room pulls the furniture together creating a focused room that's perfect for conversation but it still keeps that open look and feel. The area rug is also a great way to add some texture and colour.  The image below is a great example of an open concept space with consistent flooring and paint - see how the area rug helps designate the living room and pulls it all together - it's perfect!

5 Ways to Define Your Space with Area Rugs:

 3 - Furniture arrangement. When it comes to placing your furniture many of us use walls as our guide - the TV goes on the wall and so does the back of the sofa, right? But if you don't have any walls what do you do? You need to place the furniture so that you can create conversation spaces and entertaining spaces and dining spaces, so floating arrangements are key.  A floating arrangement means that the sofa or any of the furniture is not anchored to a wall - so it is floating.  A sofa table is a great way to add a 'wall' and help anchor the sofa so that it doesn't look lost.

gorgeous white and open space! #design #interiordesign #decor:

4 - Lighting.  Just like the paint and flooring stay consistent with your style and finishes of lighting.  If you have brushed nickle - use brushed nickle throughout (at least for your  fixtures - you can introduce a few other finishes in your lamps but not too many)  Have a plan when it comes to the fixtures you want to use : hang one big light fixture over each designated area; for example, install a chandelier directly over the dining room table, an overhead ceiling fan with a light kit over the living room, and pendant lighting in the kitchen. Then, go back through and add recessed lights or smaller fixtures throughout the three spaces for a complete lighting design, centering some of these over the walkways you created with your furniture placement. The light fixtures you choose will have a large impact on whether the overall space is cohesive or disjointed, so take your time choosing the style, finish, size and placement of each.

How to Decorate with Large Clocks.  Clock shown in open concept living room, kitchen and eating area with transitional style #Transitional #LargeClock #OpenConcept:

 5- Accessories.  These little details really add some personality and pull it all together. The small touches you choose for accessories should set each space up as a stunning room on its own, as well as tie all three together so that they coexist beautifully.. Arrange the same style of accent pieces throughout the home; for example, if you’re partial to organic elements such as stones, landscape art and wooden decor, use similar items in each room. Center a low glass bowl of smooth river stones on the dining room table, add a water feature to the corner of the living room and arrange wooden bowls to hold fruit on the kitchen counters. You don’t have to match the pieces, and it’s preferable that you don’t, but keep the elements the same.

Layer soft rose pink with grey, choose a classic sofa as the room’s centrepiece, then introduce pattern with decorative cushions and a rug. Contrast the soft colours with a statement floor lamp and coffee table. For more living room ideas visit

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - 3 Styles of Roman Shades

“I love the look of roman shades but am not sure which style to incorporate into my home. Any suggestions?”

We also love Roman Shades! They are a great option because you can see way more of the pattern this way. There are also a few different ‘shape’ options for these. Roman shades are a really great option if you are looking to add window treatments to a smaller room because they are most often mounted inside the trim. This way you are not losing any wall space.

 Hand-tailored with the greatest care, our Flat Roman Shades provide a clean & elegant finish to any room. View our entire Roman Shade collection online.:

One negative about having Roman shades is that they take a little more TLC to make them look right. When you put them up, you often have to re-fold and line them up to make sure the fabric isn’t wrinkled. Let’s call it “train your shade”. When using a lighter fabric, this is less of an issue because it will typically fold into the correct shape. This will mostly need to be done with a heavier fabric.
Roman shades are great in bedrooms because they can also be lined. This way you get the look and the darkness/privacy you would with drapery panels.
There are a few styles that you can have of roman shades..

Flat Roman Shade: a more modern look, it shows off the pattern so well and isn’t fussy. It can also work very well on French doors. See the image below, you can see the simplicity of this shade.  We like this style in a 'busier' pattern as the print becomes the focus.

 Inspiration! Love these roman shades! Click to learn how to make these roman shades.:

Relaxed Shades: a more traditional option but can still work in any space. I would say that they are “prettier” and “softer” than a flat Roman Shade because of the curvature. Because they have less construction they will bow more in the middle which gives them that beautiful shape. The only downside to a relaxed shade is because there is less structure they shouldn’t be done on a window wider than 54”. It was sag more in the middle. If you window is larger than 54”, consider doing two smaller shades instead.

 Nook window seat at House of Turquoise:

Butterfly Shades: These are very traditional. A butterfly shade has a swoop in the middle and ties on the end. Almost like a small bow on either sides. They are very feminine and soft and look great in a light colour. 

 London-Patterned-Roman-Shade.jpg (320×291):

Roman shades can be mounted inside or outside the trim. If you have beautiful trim you want to show off or a smaller space you don’t want to cover the walls, we suggest an inside mount. The great trick with an outside mount is that you can give the illusion of a larger wall/window but mounting higher up than the window starts. This will elongate the window and also give you more space to show off that beautiful fabric!

neutral palette, oly studio drum pendant, luca table:

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Our Top 10 Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island is almost an essential part of a kitchen these days.  We see them in kitchens of all sizes and styles.  They are so practical plus we love they way they look - they offer us storage options, serving and prepping space and even a dining area.

Here are some of our favourite kitchen islands.

The 11 Best Kitchen Islands  Page 2 of 3  The Eleven Best:

We love any over sized kitchen island - it is perfect for anyone who loves to cook and entertain.  This is also a beautiful piece  in this kitchen.  Look at the seating for 4 and those lantern pendants really make this island look and feel like a dining space.  The sink makes this island a great working area too. We love the storage and the serving space this island offers. This is a perfect addition to a dream kitchen!

Love the organization:

Pot and pan drawers are a must in your kitchen island.  Look at all of this storage! This oversized island is almost a complete kitchen it's self.  Storage for days, prep space, cooking space a sink and so much more. 


Just because something serves a purpose doesn't mean it can't also look good! We love a pop of colour so why not add one to your kitchen? When your kitchen island is in a different stain or paint colour it really looks custom and it looks like a piece of furniture.  This island offers so much closed storage but it's a great hang out with 2 stools at the end plus it's just perfect for serving an prepping look at the over sized flat surface.

This unique kitchen island features a top made from live-edge walnut, bringing an organic element into this modern, custom space. On the cooktop wall, cabinetry is constructed from hot-rolled steel panels, and rough-hewn walnut carries onto the custom hood.:

Looking to make a statement with your kitchen island? Think about going 'live edge'. This live-edge walnut kitchen island counter top is a show stopper! It adds an organic element to this sleek and streamlined modern kitchen.  We love the wood grain and knots - so much character and uniqueness. 

Dog friendly island - this needs to happen!:

We love a butcher block kitchen island but how cute is this dog bowl feature? If you have dogs at home incorporate them into your decor and design.  These stainless steel bowls can be removed for easy cleaning but when in place they are out of the way with no risk of being knocked over and making a mess. 

[farm house island]:

 We love the rustic look of this farmhouse kitchen island.  The grey stain softens the look of the wood plus it works with the veining in the marble back splash.  The open shelving is very convenient when plating and we like the look of these clean, smooth white dishes (and white cabinets) with the rustic wood grain - we love the mix of textures.  This island has so much character!

Island Beverage Fridge - Transitional - kitchen - Jill Frey Kitchen Design:

We love this 'beverage station' in this kitchen island - it's perfect if you love to entertain! A wine rack, ice maker and beer/soda fridge in the island is such a great idea! Easy access and it won't take up space in your main fridge.  With it tucked away in the island it won't take away from the beauty of your kitchen.

Charlotte Glynn and James Lund fell in love with an unloved Yorkshire cottage and brought it back to life, winning Best First Project in the Period Living Homes Awards 2013:

We don't see this often - but we love it!  A round kitchen island : this is perfect for a smaller kitchen -the circular shape really softens up the look in a kitchen and appears to not take up as much space; a circular shape offers great flow (that's why a circular table is often a great choice for a small space). This still has great storage a surface space.  We also love the soft tones in this kitchen - the cream, taupe and wood - timeless with a bit of a country feel.

I like the idea of doing a shelf under the island on one side (not viewed from den) to put cookbooks, etc., but still have cabinets underneath for pots, pans, etc.:

This island has it all -  seating, storage, open shelving, surface space and a stove top.  this modern sleek look kitchen island offers so much for this kitchen design. We love the mix of black, wood and grey waterfall quartz counter top.  The pendant lighting is beautiful and we love how the hood fan is built in so it doesn't visually block in the kitchen and obstruct the view. 

 lowered ceiling and wall decoration flowers leather stool:

Take some inspiration from this kitchen with a commercial restaurant design.  This T-shaped island is perfect for parties - so much space for prepping, serving and let your guests watch while you create! the mix of stainless steel and wood grain is a great balance of modern and organic, warm and cool.  So clean and streamlined in every way.

Which kitchen island is your favourite?

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to decorate a stylish home with pets

"I love my dog. She's my world but I need some ideas to make my home stylish yet still pet friendly."

We love pets but yes, they can cramp your style and put some limits on your decor choices but you can live in style with pets.  Work with your lifestyle not against it and it will all come together beautifully

But there are ways to live in style with your furry little friends - the right pieces, materials and a bit of creativity can get you the look you crave.

1- Ditch the blankets (the multiple blankets) that you use to cover your sofa and chairs to keep the pet hair off! Instead opt for pet friendly fabrics. Leather is a good choice for homeowners with pets. It is durable and easy to clean. Most grades will only be affected by pet scratches. If you are uncomfortable buying leather, buy pleather. It is cruelty-free, cost-effective, and pleasing to the eye. Have you heard of Crypton? It is an upholstery fabric made to fit your lifestyle. Soft, durable, and resistant to both stains and odors, Crypton Home fabric is available in a wide array of textures and vibrant colors. The image below is a Pottery barn sofa upholstered in Crypton Home Fabric.


2 - Skip wall-to-wall carpet.  Carpet is like a pet hair magnet, so either opt out or be prepared to vacuum regularly  Want the look of carpet - choose an area rug - it's less time consuming to clean and you can always bring outside to air out (and shake out). If you must have carpet choose a low pile. It's easier to clean if there's an accident. And avoid continuous loop carpet because a pet toenail can unravel it by catching a single woven loop.
 Decorate with INTENTION, create a mission statement for your home! Feng Shui decorating at work.:

3 - Put washable fabrics on your bed.  If you have a pet, cat or dog, chances are they make their way into your bed at some point. Protect your mattress from the inevitable by covering it with a thick pad. Use cotton bed sheets, preferably in a medium color or a pattern that can hide the pet hair and stains between washings. For bedspreads, duvet covers work well because you can take them off and wash them regularly. Delicate-looking mattress coverlets are surprisingly durable; their tight quilting resists pet toenail snags and repeated washings.
This is for you.......Melanie!!!:  
 4 - Animal space near the entry.  If you have a pet that goes outside take that into consideration - it's a part of your lifestyle so what do you have at your entry? Think about your flooring - easy to clean and scratch resistant are key.  Hooks and/or storage for leashes and other dog belongings. A basket with park toys and/or winter apparel.

Dog cubby area. Love the storage this would be really nice with a large box at the bottom too for toys and whatever else:  
5 - Match your colours to your pet's fur.  Use your pet as a source of inspiration when choosing colors for your room. Paint a concrete floor the same shade of gray as your cat. Cover your sofa in a honey microfiber that matches your golden retriever. This isn't just an aesthetic shout-out to your pet; it's also a practical choice because the hair they leave behind won't be as visible. Put a white floor in a house with a black Lab, you're going to have black 'tumbleweeds' everywhere. 

6 -  Furniture options that include your pet. Our pets are apart of our home, they are family so it is important that they are welcome in our home with some space of their own.  Some easy ways to make 'fluffy' feel at home...

Nesting nook out of a re-purposed end table... light bulb moment! 
Beside table that does double duty. Place a comfy dog bed or pillow inside and your bestie has their own bed right beside you. Have some fun and get your furry friend a bed in a coordinating colour - so cute!
Cute pets bed. Love this idea:  
The front entry is a high traffic area , especially for dog owners.  So have a pet station by the front door.  We love this converted front entry console furniture piece.  It works for everyone - so storage, some decor, and even a spot to lay in.  Plus it looks great too!

Kitchen Ideas. This kitchen has so many great design Ideas that I wish I could apply to my own kitchen. This is my next kitchen reno inspira...:  
Think of small customization changes you can make.   The kitchen island is a great spot for dog bowls and some storage.  We love these built in dog bowls - they are tucked away and that means they don't get in the way.  You can add a drawer (perfect spot for storing treats, medication, grooming tools and documents) or have an open shelf - it's a bit more decorative but still useful.

Pets add so much love to our lives so be sure to take them into consideration when you are designing and decorating your space. Another simple tip keep your dog or cat clean will help your house stay cleaner, longer. Trimmed nails won't scratch floors or upholstery. Regularly brushing and bathing removes loose hair before it ends up on your floor, your bed, your throw pillows, your curtains. Furniture and rugs will last longer if they don't need to be washed as often. Think of it this way: It's easier to clean your dog than your upholstery, and it's usually more fun.
 15 Photos that Are Probably on Your Pet's Pinterest Board | Apartment Therapy:

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to Decorate with a Sofa Table

"I love the look of a 'floating sofa' but I don't like how the back of my sofa looks - what can I do?"

This is a great question!  We LOVE the look of a floating sofa arrangement too but yes, the backs of most sofas aren't exactly spectacular but you have lots of options.

This is where we recommend a sofa table also known as a console table.  We know you are probably thinking that the idea of a sofa table is a bit formal and stuffy but no - sofa tables come in all styles - there is something for everyone.  A sofa table is a great way to enhance your style with some colour and/or texture. You can decorate it how ever you like and even use the space for some storage.
A sofa table can also be useful for some extra light (if you have outlet/plug access) in a case where end tables won't work but it could also offer some extra storage for multiple things.  Think about your space, your style and your needs when it comes time to select your sofa table and don't be afraid to get a little creative - just because something isn't labeled as a ;sofa table' doesn't means it can't be used as one.

Here are some of favourite ideas for sofa tables.

 Similiar to the one you have in the basement, just painted with milk paint.How to fake the "Fixer Upper" Look:

Think about adding some colour.  We love this pop of yellow in this country chic living room.  It hides the back of this sofa but it isn't too heavy.  the styling of decor items like the candles, the bird cage, books and plant soften the surface.  We also love the idea of the tray underneath the the sofa table - this is a great idea for some extra storage.

Caixas para organizar colocadas na volta do sofá ou na beira da cama.:

Think sleek and contemporary.  This wrap around low shelving piece gives this living room some extra storage, some shelving for decor and it works in this more contemporary space - plus is hides the back of that sofa.  This is a great storage saving idea if you are short on space.

white wall, dark floors, and dark beams with natural wood furnishings add great contrast and warmth.:

Think about size and your space.  Sofa tables are typically 20-32" shorter in length than the sofa and usually 1-3" shorter than the height of the sofa but if you have a larger or long room you might want to consider something bigger like this image above.  This is a kitchen table that has been re-purposed in this living room.  We love the over size lush fern flanked by two glass candle holders.  The large rattan baskets underneath are perfect storage for books, board games or extra blankets.

All work and no play:

Think practical.  Do you work in your living room or family room? Try adding an attractive desk as your sofa table - it's a great way to keep an eye on the kids and still get some seat work done.  This hides the back of the sofa but it is also practical for a busy lifestyle.  We also love a chic chair as the seat with this desk instead of a typical desk chair - it looks great and it is useful (plus this is a great idea if you are short on space and need a work space at home)

Picture your apartment's living space without any furniture to help you think beyond your current furniture arrangement. Decide if the room is large enough to divide up in to zones that will make the space more functional. Then get creative with how you start to arrange furniture. It might make the most sense to "float" the sofa in the middle of the room and place your TV on the wall facing it. You can then use the space on the other side of the sofa for an office or dining area. Place a con...:

Think storage.  Try using a sideboard, dresser or chest of drawers as your sofa table - be sure to measure the depth of the storage piece but we love the extra storage a piece like this offers.  It is perfect for storing multiple things - extra dining room items, DVDs, board games, books and even think about having a liquor cabinet as your sofa table.  We also love the surface space that a sofa table offers - if you like to entertain you can use this as a serving space for certain items or just as a great flat surface for guests to sit down their drinks

Seating behind the couch is nice. --An extended desk with extra seating provides an informal spot to work or dine:

Think extra seating.  If you love to entertain the sofa table is a great spot to store some extra seating (like stools or ottomans)and the sofa table is perfect for snacks and drinks - think Super Bowl parties, big movie nights, playoffs (any sport) or season finale nights - if you entertain a lot, you might want to keep high back seating like the image above but if you only need it on occasion, you might want to opt for something that can be tucked cleanly underneath (see the image below)

Apartment Therapy feature: Redefining the Sofa Table: Add Chairs!:

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Friday, April 8, 2016

In the Navy! 11 ways to decorate a room with Navy Blue

Navy blue is a classic and lately it has been trending in both fashion and home decor.  Navy is a great option is you want depth but aren't willing to go as deep and dark as black.  Navy is a great way to stay timeless in your decor but you can also make your space look fresh using pops of navy. 

We love working with Navy blue because of the possibilities, here are our 11 favourite ways to decorate with navy

1.  Try a NAVY sofa.  We always recommend a neutral toned sofa so why not navy? Navy is a classic tone and it works with all colours.  If you like the idea of a darker sofa, navy is a great option.  Add some texture with pillows and a throw blanket, mix some pattern and print and we love the modern floor lamp in gold finish - it all works so beautifully together and it has a cool style in classic tones.

 Layered patterned pillows adorn the sofa in this living room, creating texture and a stylish sense of coziness. Above, a world map in beautiful shades of blue adds interest and color.:

2. NAVY in the bedroom. doesn't this bedroom look crisp and clean? The contrast of the white and navy is so fresh and still warm.  Navy can have a glamorous vibe too, it doesn't have to be nautical.  Look at the shape of the headboard and finished in navy velvet very chic and then paired with glass lamps and the geo print shams and duvet with just a pop of orange - it's perfect!

geometric duvet cover and shams

3.  Accent wall in NAVY.  Accent walls are still 'a thing' but we are seeing them more in deeper and darker neutrals.  We actually did a commercial office and painted some accent walls in Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore - it's amazing!! We love the classic colour yet the bold statement it makes on the wall.  Add an over sized piece of art and instant chic!

Bar cart & also that base trim is epic.:

4. One furniture piece in NAVY.  Since navy is a neutral it works with everything, so if you are on the hunt for a new furniture piece why not look for something in navy? This navy tufted over sized ottoman is the life of the party in this soft neutral room.  We love it's function but also how it pops in the space (to bridge it all together, a few pillows with some navy would be perfect)

The 5 most important things to focus on when expecting company:

 5. NAVY kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home so make sure it looks it's best!  Try using navy to freshen up those kitchen cabinets.  We love the navy blue lower cabinets in this kitchen - again a great alternative to black or espresso stain.  It looks amazing with the over sized stainless steel pulls and against the white - the whole kitchen looks so bright. Colour in the kitchen can be a risk but not in a classic colour like navy.

white and navy kitchen with white upper cabinets and navy lower cabinets accented with nickel hardware along with sleek white counters and a traditional subway tiled backsplash framing stainless steel Viking Range under tapered white wood range hood.:

6. Pattern drapery in NAVY.  We love patterned drapery it has such a 'designer' look and it's like art framing your windows.  We love this fresh look - the pattern isn't too busy and the contrast isn't too harsh.  It adds some fun to the room but it still feels classic. 

Ogden from Imperial Garden Collection:

7.  NAVY blue wallpaper.  A wallpaper accent wall is a great way to make a statement.  But we are also loving all walls in wallpaper in a small space like a powder room.  It's fun and if you get bored it's an easy room to update and switch up but if you have fabulous wallpaper why would you want to? This navy and white zebra print wallpaper is not for the faint at heart but for those who love to be noticed this is for you! We love it but caution this isn't for everyone!

Most effectively drawing a zebra print room ideas in the interior will look like, where neutral colors and shades. Description from I searched for this on

8. NAVY blue Boys Bedroom.  I know we sound like a broken record but with navy as a classic it just doesn't age.  So it is a great option for a boys' bedroom - it is a neutral tone that he can grow up with even as his tastes change. we are big fans of light colours on bedroom walls but we do love this room - the navy with nail head bed looks great with the white and beige bedding but it would also look great with Kelly Green or Candy Apple Red, too.  So it is a great piece in a classic colour.  We also love the navy and white rugby stripe rug, so fresh! The pops of orange and the natural wood tones in the room make it stylish and perfect for a boy!

Posts you've liked | Websta:

9. NAVY on the floor.  We are huge fans of a pattern rug - it's like art on the floor.  We do love colour but we know that many are hesitant to invest in colour and pattern for their floor coverings, so a navy pattern rug is a great compromise.  We absolutely love how this navy trellis pattern gives life to this soft neutral room.  We also love using a glass coffee table on a pattern rug - you get to see more of it! The rug colour and print is echoed with an accent lumbar pillow in same tones but slightly different pattern - but it's all chic!!

 Pattered rug in a neutral room:

10. NAVY and the unexpected.  We started to see the mix of navy and pastels last year but mainly on the racks and runways - unexpected colour combos with navy blue.  We have all seen the typical combos - navy and white, navy and red, navy and yellow, navy and gold but what about navy and mint green, navy and soft pink (rose quartz, maybe?), navy and lilac but one of our favourite combos right now is navy and coral - it's bold and bright but fun and still warm, we love it!

Funny to see this as I painted my girls nursery navy blue... I loved The way it created a rich background for the corals, yellows and turquoise accents.:

11. NAVY accent pieces.  Anytime you are introducing the idea of colour to your space, start slow...starting with accents is the easiest way and most affordable way to know if you are ready to commit.  So have an 'audition' and introduce some small accent pieces like pillows, candles, art, table lamps and just decor accent to the space and let it all sink it.  If you like it and want more see the list above.....

 This elegant blue lamp breaks up a neutral bedside table:

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to make a beige room look modern

"I know grey is trending but I can't change all of the beige (tiles, paint and furniture) in my home.  How can I make my beige house look modern and current?"

You are right grey is still the hottest neutral right now but don't get down on your beige.  Beige is still a classic and the good news is  - it works with everything.  We are actually working on a model condo suite and we are re-purposing furniture from a former model and we are working with beige.  Beige is beautiful and it has a really nice warmth to it - so even if it is not trending doesn't mean you need to toss out your beige! Think of your beige home as a perfect canvas for just about anything you want to do to make it look more current.  Here are some ideas to give your beige space and instant lift!

1 - Add Grey - ok so grey is hot but you can't re-do the whole house.  Since beige is a neutral it works will all other neutrals so why not add a bit of grey? Take a look at this image below.  Beige walls and furniture but that area rug in a cool charcoal makes this room stand out. It really keeps this room from looking washed out.

Accent chair:

2 - Add Black.  Yes, black is another neutral but adding black to an all beige space gives it instant glamour and sophistication.  We love the pops of black in this beige bedroom. And if you look closely you will notice the bedside table is a glossy charcoal grey - adding these dark neutrals really make the room pop with some contrast

Munge Leung:

 3 - Add Texture. A beige on beige room can be boring but not if you add texture.  Mixing different textures in one space can make it very visually interesting. This room isn't bold or bright but it is far from boring.  This neutral tone on tone room has some different textures - the solid glass coffee table, the macrame wall hanging, the cow hide rug ;and the velvet and silk textures on the sofa - give this room some depth and sophistication.

Gorgeous, neutral living room from Peridot Decorative Homewear.:

4 - Add some colour.  Beige is a beautiful blank canvas so have some fun! Add some bold pops of colour and some pattern, too. This gives any room some life.  Because beige is a neutral you can opt for any colour and as many as you like.

Adore Home magazine - Blog - Styling sessions:

5 -  Add some animal print.  Pairing a neutral like beige with any animal print adds a luxurious touch.  Any animal print will work - leopard, cheetah, zebra even cow. We love the classic glamour of an animal print - think area rug, pillows, accent chair or ottomans.

Show your bedroom a little “tuft” lovin’ with the on-trend look of a modern wingback bed from Overstock. With its light-colored linen upholstery, this tufted headboard will add a touch of glamour and style while also brightening up your living space.:

6 -  Add print.  Many think beige can be boring but add a little print and you are back to life. We love these chocolate and cream print pillows they add some real pop to the room.  The natural elements in this room also play with the natural tone of beige - the sisal rug, the decorative wood sculpture and the greenery add an organic factor to the space.  Simple yet chic.

How beautiful is this? It's like a beach house in the sky! Who says you can only do "industrial chic" in a condo?:

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