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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to Decorate with a Sofa Table

"I love the look of a 'floating sofa' but I don't like how the back of my sofa looks - what can I do?"

This is a great question!  We LOVE the look of a floating sofa arrangement too but yes, the backs of most sofas aren't exactly spectacular but you have lots of options.

This is where we recommend a sofa table also known as a console table.  We know you are probably thinking that the idea of a sofa table is a bit formal and stuffy but no - sofa tables come in all styles - there is something for everyone.  A sofa table is a great way to enhance your style with some colour and/or texture. You can decorate it how ever you like and even use the space for some storage.
A sofa table can also be useful for some extra light (if you have outlet/plug access) in a case where end tables won't work but it could also offer some extra storage for multiple things.  Think about your space, your style and your needs when it comes time to select your sofa table and don't be afraid to get a little creative - just because something isn't labeled as a ;sofa table' doesn't means it can't be used as one.

Here are some of favourite ideas for sofa tables.

 Similiar to the one you have in the basement, just painted with milk paint.How to fake the "Fixer Upper" Look:

Think about adding some colour.  We love this pop of yellow in this country chic living room.  It hides the back of this sofa but it isn't too heavy.  the styling of decor items like the candles, the bird cage, books and plant soften the surface.  We also love the idea of the tray underneath the the sofa table - this is a great idea for some extra storage.

Caixas para organizar colocadas na volta do sofá ou na beira da cama.:

Think sleek and contemporary.  This wrap around low shelving piece gives this living room some extra storage, some shelving for decor and it works in this more contemporary space - plus is hides the back of that sofa.  This is a great storage saving idea if you are short on space.

white wall, dark floors, and dark beams with natural wood furnishings add great contrast and warmth.:

Think about size and your space.  Sofa tables are typically 20-32" shorter in length than the sofa and usually 1-3" shorter than the height of the sofa but if you have a larger or long room you might want to consider something bigger like this image above.  This is a kitchen table that has been re-purposed in this living room.  We love the over size lush fern flanked by two glass candle holders.  The large rattan baskets underneath are perfect storage for books, board games or extra blankets.

All work and no play:

Think practical.  Do you work in your living room or family room? Try adding an attractive desk as your sofa table - it's a great way to keep an eye on the kids and still get some seat work done.  This hides the back of the sofa but it is also practical for a busy lifestyle.  We also love a chic chair as the seat with this desk instead of a typical desk chair - it looks great and it is useful (plus this is a great idea if you are short on space and need a work space at home)

Picture your apartment's living space without any furniture to help you think beyond your current furniture arrangement. Decide if the room is large enough to divide up in to zones that will make the space more functional. Then get creative with how you start to arrange furniture. It might make the most sense to "float" the sofa in the middle of the room and place your TV on the wall facing it. You can then use the space on the other side of the sofa for an office or dining area. Place a con...:

Think storage.  Try using a sideboard, dresser or chest of drawers as your sofa table - be sure to measure the depth of the storage piece but we love the extra storage a piece like this offers.  It is perfect for storing multiple things - extra dining room items, DVDs, board games, books and even think about having a liquor cabinet as your sofa table.  We also love the surface space that a sofa table offers - if you like to entertain you can use this as a serving space for certain items or just as a great flat surface for guests to sit down their drinks

Seating behind the couch is nice. --An extended desk with extra seating provides an informal spot to work or dine:

Think extra seating.  If you love to entertain the sofa table is a great spot to store some extra seating (like stools or ottomans)and the sofa table is perfect for snacks and drinks - think Super Bowl parties, big movie nights, playoffs (any sport) or season finale nights - if you entertain a lot, you might want to keep high back seating like the image above but if you only need it on occasion, you might want to opt for something that can be tucked cleanly underneath (see the image below)

Apartment Therapy feature: Redefining the Sofa Table: Add Chairs!:

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