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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How To Decorate With a Theme

"I love the relaxed feel of the beach and I want to bring a beachy look into my space but I don't want my home to look over the top (cheesy). How can I decorate with a theme and not go overboard? "

A theme is a great source of inspiration when it comes to home decor.  But you are right, of you aren't careful you can get carried away and the theme can take over.

If you love the beach - this is a great start - you know what you want and like!  So think about the elements of the beach - soft and tonal colours, natural materials, easy fabrics, casual and relaxed are what you will want to see in the space, so look for pieces that have those features.  You don't necessarily need 'beach' items like shells, photos of the beach or nautical pieces but a few carefully selected items of this ilk can really solidify your theme.

Here's an example of a coastal inspired living room with the theme kept to a minimum.  Notice the soft tones, a few coral accents (the table and on the throw pillows), nautical stripes and a few touches of blue.  Overall this space has some beachy elements but the theme isn't super obvious.

Vicky's Home: Estilo coastal inspirado en el mar / Coastal inspired style:

Here's another example of a beach inspired living room. We see some natural wood pieces like the show stopping chandelier and the coffee table. We also see some white washed rattan accents.  there are some pops of soft blue like the sea and some beach glass accessories, too.

Touches of blue and Cape Cod style create a home that's utterly beautiful and perfect for living on the picturesque Gold Coast. {Image: Steve Ryan, Rix Ryan Photography}:

Here's the other side of that space, the dining area, we see a few more beach inspired pieces like the hurricane lanterns, the sea foam upholstered chairs and some sea shell decor on the built-in.

Beach Tropical Decor- I love the  relaxed and laid back but sophisticated feel of this dining room. This is a seaside retreat home!:

 Here's another example of a subtle beach theme in a bedroom.  Again we do not see obvious beach decor but the inspiration is definitely there.  Notice the sisal area rug it adds that natural texture.  The mix of soft and easy textures on the bed and the colour tones are natural beach hues. What really makes this room not scream 'beach theme' is the choice of prints in the throw pillows and drapery - the prints are quite traditional (trellis and floral) but in those tones.  So again you get this timeless looking space.  The canopy bed is so romantic something you would expect to see at luxurious beach resort.


If you are concerned about the longevity of the theme, keep the main elements neutral like paint, flooring, drapery and furniture - you can add in art, pillows and other accessories that embrace the theme.

When you want to decorate with a theme in mind you don't have to be too literal. Think about your chosen theme and why it has inspired you- what are the elements you love about this theme and take it from there.  If you do that, you will have a look that you love and a look that will last (a timeless look).

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