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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Update a Black and White Room

"I live in an open concept condo space.  I chose a black and white theme - it's timeless and stylish but also easy but I'm in need of a bit of an update.  How can I keep my main theme of black and white - what are some easy updates to my theme?"

You are so right that black and white are timeless and of course, chic! We love a black and white decor scheme but every now and then no matter the theme, an update is in need.

When it comes to an easy and affordable update you need to stick with what you currently have and just add to it. The good news is you don't need to add a lot to make this change. The even better news for you is that black and white work with just about everything and you have an endless supply of ideas - it really just comes down to what works for YOU!

Here are some ideas....

GOLD.  Adding a touch of gold to a black and white room just gives the whole space some extra glam and luxury. this about gold pillows, lamps, art and accessories.  Even just the smallest touch of gold can go a long way.  Gold never goes out of style but right now is it hot, so you will see gold everywhere!
If gold isn't for you, try silver or rose gold. The gold and rose gold add warmth and a touch of glam to a space the silver is a bit sleeker but all of them work

Black, white & gold bedroom nightstand with pops of color | How to Make Your Bedroom an Oasis  #theeverygirl
 Decorating advice: Elements of modern glamour — The Decorista:

 thedecorista: rose gold barstools are a win in every situation via:

COLOUR. Because black and white are classic neutrals - they 'go' with everything! So add a pop of colour - red is a classic combination with black and white.  If you want to try something a bit different try something equally bold like bright pink, turquoise or lime green.  This looks great in a contemporary style. This pillows and art for a colour injection!

Contemporary condo Playing off a black-and-white palette, designer Stacey Cohen adds sparkle through a gorgeous orb light fixture and silver nailhead detail she added to the sofa. The turquoise accents around the room are vibrant and playful, and give the living room that perfect pop of colour.:

PASTEL. Rose quartz is the hot colour for 2016, so add it to your black and white motif.  You don't need a lot to make a splash. And even though this colour is soft and subtle it really makes a statement.  We love mixing some solid pastels with pattern black and white.

Que ce soit une guirlande lumineuse, ou une guirlande en papier, c’est une solution pour habiller ses fenêtres lorsqu’on ne peut pas ou veut pas mettre de rideaux.:

FUR. Texture is another great way to add a designer look to a room and fur is another hot textile this year.  We opt for faux options - it's friendlier, easier to clean and you have a ton of possibilities.  what we really like about mixing fur and black/white is that you are once again playing with neutrals so you can choose a white fur, black, grey even beige - it all works! We are seeing fur used in many ways - area rugs, throws, pillows, full blankets, poofs and ottomans.  Don't over do it - just one fur elements can do wonders!

7 Design Details You Didn't Realize Your Home Was Missing | Apartment Therapy:

 PATTERN.  Too many solids in one space can look flat, so mix it up with some prints and patterns.  Don't be afraid to mix your patterns - it's so chic! Patterns are best on items that are accent pieces - think pillow and rugs.  Keep the other elements in the room like the main furniture pieces, wall colour and drapery pretty basic if this is a look you want to explore.

Pattern re-interpreted Large-scale patterns remain popular for 2014, with traditional damasks and ikats introduced in large-scale wallpapers...:

When it comes to 'playing' with your black and white palette you can mix a lot of these, so add a touch of metallic, some fur and a pinch of colour. Find the balance that works for you!

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