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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How To Decorate with an Over Sized Mirror

We love what mirrors can do for a room - they can brighten and make a room appear larger all at once!

When it comes to decorating with mirrors, the mirror itself works with any style but you have an endless selection of frames - mirrors, thin, thick, lacquered,  colourful, aged, wood - you name it.  So when you are looking for a mirror you want to pay attention to the frame so that it works with the room style of decor.

We see mirrors in the usual spots - bathrooms and front entry ways are the most common places for mirrors but what about over sized mirrors? We see them in the home decor stores and some of them are just humongous - ever wonder who buys them and where they go??

We have some great ideas on how to decorate with over sized mirrors and some of these ideas might really surprise you. Yes, you can decorate with an over sized mirror!

1 - The Bedroom is an obvious choice for a mirror - it's where you get ready to start the day and you likely want to know how you look in your #OOTD. An over sized mirror can really help with that last look but it also adds a touch of glam and sophistication to your bedroom plus it helps make it look bigger and brighter.

 Would love to casually place a nice big mirror but my 3yo would knock ot down!:

Other ideas for large mirrors in the bedroom, try them flanking the bed and behind your night stand. it's like an instant face lift for your bedroom.
 Looks a bit like my room... however, my walls are light grey and we have blue accents for a calming effect.:                 full length mirrors behind nightstands, everything about this bed room is perfect besides the pic frames above the bed . . .but i still die for this room:

2- The front entry is another obvious choice but you usually don't see an over sized or full length mirror at the front entry and if you do it's usually in the form of a bi-fold door.  But this over sized mirror is so chic! We love the high shine simple frame - so clean! But we love it paired with the glass console in front of it. mirrors are a great back drop for furniture.  This is a great idea for a tight or small entry.

Niche in a small space? Foyer? Instead of the ol' console table with mirror, a floor to nearly-ceiling leaning mirror behind. Brilliant.:

3- The dining room can be a dark room and in some newer designs a smaller space.  We love the idea of mirrors in a dining room (it works so well wit candle light at a dinner party or dinner for 2).  We see these full length mirrors all the time, often on the inside door of a closet but we love this idea of hanging them in triplicate. It looks so much more expensive! So simple and effective and on a low budget - we are sold!  This is a great idea if your home is on the resale market - it fills up the wall space, makes the room brighter and bigger, too.

the treatment of the mirrors is especially great for a small dining room, as the room will instantly double in size:

4- The Living Room is a great space for a mirror because it usually has a lot of wall space options.  Above the sofa is a great choice so is above the mantle but if you have an awkward wall a mirror is a great idea - it almost makes that weird wall disappear. The image below is a great example of an odd wall space and we love this shabby chic window frame with mirrors it really suits the cottage country decor in the room.

Small Living Room Ideas : Page 03 : Rooms : Home & Garden Television:

Here's another great over sized mirror placement idea.  Behind the sofa - wow, does this ever make an impact!

9 Ways to Fake Extra Square Footage With Mirrors #theeverygirl - I like the mirror behind the couch idea.:

 5- The bathroom is a definite spot where you will find a mirror no shock there but try an over sized mirror above your vanity. But take a look at this image, yes there's a double sink vanity so the room has some size but if we put two mirrors above the vanity this room would look so much smaller. 

See more images from inside a dreamy, bohemian home redesign (that's family-friendly!) on

Other ways to use mirrors - add them to your gallery wall, or make a gallery wall of just mirrors or think about adding some mirrored furniture to your space.

 10 Pretty & Inspirational Bedrooms | J'adore Lexie Couture:

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