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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Bar Cart Trend

Bar carts having been trending for a while now and we love them too!  They are the perfect open and accessible liquor cabinet plus they look chic.  But we love how multi functional the bar cart is!  here are some of our favourite ideas and uses for the bar cart.

1. Bar cart end table.  We love this gold bar cart, so 2016! it's open and airy and just perfect for someone who loves to entertain but we also love how it is being used as an end table in this small space.  Take a closer look the top shelf is styled with flowers and some books - this could be great surface space for coasters too.  The lower portion is used as the bar.

2. Bar cart Coffee station. Short on kitchen space? Love all things coffee? why not add a bar cart and create a coffee station? We love how useful this is plus it looks great.  It's great for entertaining, too! Try wheeling it into the living space for after dinner coffee and desserts.  You can also use the lower shelves for open storage of mugs, dishes and more or try adding some baskets for tea towels or store your pretty cookbooks.

We have a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect tea or coffee station that will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Source: A Beautiful Mess:

3. Bar cart bathroom storage. OK a glass of wine in a hot bath is a lovely way to unwind but maybe you don't need a bar cart serving wine and cocktails in your bathroom but here's an idea...try using a bar cart in the bathroom for some extra storage.  This is a great idea if your bathroom is short on space.  Make it pretty and spa like by adding beautiful and plush towels, candles and maybe a plant or just keep it totally functional for everyday items like towels.

Ever thought of putting a bar cart in the bathroom? It’s actually an easy storage solution for organizing towels or toiletries that also adds a chic, spa-like feel.:

 4. Bar cart guest bedroom needs.  Have an out of town guest? Want them to feel at home? We heart this idea! Add a bar cart to the room and stock it with essentials and a few treats.  this adds a bit of a hotel feel but it makes your guests feel welcome and like this space is theirs (even if it is just for a short time)

Guest Bedroom Cart! What a good idea. You can have all the things your guest might need. Towels, snacks and toiletries:

5.  Bar cart decor. We love the open and airy feel of a bar cart so why not use it as an end table? You don't have to stock with beverages you can just style it as you would any other end table. At first glance, we didn't even notice this was a bar cart - we just loved the look but this is a great idea, because it is so multi-purpose for when you are entertaining.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - Neutral Paint Colors. Great Soothing Color! Would love this for a living room:

6. Bar cart Baby station. OK not as pretty but very functional.  If you have just had a baby, moving around is a bit of a challenge at first, so create a baby and mommy friendly space that cuts down on moving around.  Keep everything accessible.  Using a bar cart to hold the baby essentials is so smart! And you could easily use this in the nursery as well.
Fill one with baby supplies for handy access in the nursery. | 25 Awesomely Creative Ways To Use A Bar Cart:

7. Bar cart kids crafts.  The bar cart is a great way to stay organized and because it is on wheels it can be moved around very easily.  We love the idea of a movable kids art cart!  Keep all of their supplies in the cart and you won't have to take up other storage space in your home and this way it is easy for them to access.

Turn a bar cart into a craft station. | 49 Clever Storage Solutions For Living With Kids:

8. Bar cart music station.  If you love music, why not use your bar cart to store and display your love and passion for music? We love how this turntable is displayed on a bar cart, genius idea!

With a turntable up top and records down below, this free-wheeling bar cart knows how you roll.:

9. Bar cart office storage.  Need a little extra storage space in your office? Try a bar cart! It's perfect for storing items that you need access too but you don't want them to take up useful desk surface space.

Use it to store all your office supplies.:

10. Bar cart outdoor entertaining.  The bar cart is also perfect for the outdoors.  We love the vertical storage for drinks and other items - it's easy to clean and won't be in the way.

 DIY Idea: A glamorous facelift for an ordinary shelving unit! All it took was some gold spray paint.:

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