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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We answer Wednesday - Masculine Glamour

"I have heard the term 'masculine glamour' used recently to describe a decorating style.  What is 'masculine glamour ?"

Masculine Glamour is a term that we are starting to hear a bit more in home design and decor.  When we hear about men and home decor many of us think of man caves or lay-z boy sofas (there's nothing really wrong with either of those things - if that's what makes you happy - go for it!!) But 'masculine glamour' is the new term used to describe a man's abode that has style.  It is chic, classy, streamlined with a masculine edge.  The glamour part usually refers to metallic accents and shine.

Just like fashion, men are starting to take notice of themselves and their space.  Men are starting to put time, energy and effort into their personal style and that also includes their surroundings.  But this look 'masculine glamour' is pretty clean and timeless so it may not be a passing phase or trend. Plus  should you be involved with a man with a /masculine glamour' decorated space it would be so easy for you to move in with a touch of your style, it is very transitional (hint, hint) ;)

Here are a few examples of Masculine glamour.

"masculine glamour" small living room oversized everything. mirror glass candles green as an accent in a white grey and black living room:

So note the use of layering neutrals (no real pop of colour), a decent amount of dark tones and streamlined pieces.  Again we see some shine in the coffee table and accessories - this adds a feminine touch without being overt.

 Masculine living room designed by Ron Marvin. Via Lonny Magazine June/July 2012.:

Here's the same room just at a different angle.  We see symmetry in the end tables, lamps and even the pillows - this is very masculine.  The over sized art is also free of colour and layers various shades of grey.

Dark colored living room:

What do we notice here.   The dark tones on the wall and in the furniture.  We don't see any colour or bold art, everything is very tone-on-tone. We also don't see also of different textures - we have upholstery and a glass coffee table - so very simple and free of fuss.  The shine from the table and the accessories as a touch of glam and the beautiful orchid arrangement adds some femininity but the orchid is still a very structural flower, so again not too feminine.

 Monagrams, Antique Mirrors. and Black Leather Headboard with Nailheads:

When it comes to masculine glamour it is about keeping the typical masculine elements we see in design and decor like simplicity, dark tones like navy or charcoal, very little colour, very little pattern and some texture.  The glamour only comes from shine and some metallic accents.  The look is cool, streamlined, modern and says this is a man's residence but is still designed and decorated. 

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