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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Rose Quartz Trend

"I want to update my space.  I know light pink is a trending colour for 2016.  How can I use it in a modern way, I don't want my place to look too girly or old lady."

Yes, Rose quartz is one of the two hot colours this year! Rose Quartz is a soft, light pink hue with a touch of a mauve quality.  For some, they had already seen this trend and are not hopping back on the band wagon but for others this is a fun and fresh colour that can add a touch of feminine whimsy to a space. 


With any trend, we do not suggest NOT diving in head first unless it is something you absolutely LOVE and MUST HAVE! So before you commit, just make sure it is a trend for you.  Trends come and go, so we also recommend not going full out!  When it comes to a trending colour (especially) use accessories to embrace that trend.  So consider art, pillows, throw blanket and some knick-knacks, too.  But if you really want to dive in consider an accent wall, area rug and bedding.

 "This is like that fleeting blush of pink in the sky before the sun sets. It's not what instantly comes to mind for a library, but I wanted to counter the room's inherent masculinity. Pink is warm and atmospheric, and it makes dark antique furniture look ravishingly beautiful. It's not an assertive color. It's demure, which gives it longevity." —Jeffrey Bilhuber -

To avoid looking too girly or old lady, think about what you are combining rose quartz with and how you are using it.  For instance, layering multiple pastel tones looks dated instead layer rose quartz with a more masculine hue like navy or charcoal even black.  Balance out the pink hues with more masculine elements.  We also suggest layering the rose quartz tone with some bolder colours like fuchsia, magenta, eggplant, jade green and teal - fun and punchy and not dated at all!

 TRENDS | 15 interiors mastering Pantone 2016 color of the year | Here are 15 inspiring interiors that take pink to the next level, from a pink hued room accessory to a whole pink room for a full “la vie en rose” effect. No, rose quartz is not just a baby girl room color, it can also add softness, style, and panache to a grown-up interior | via French By Design:

Here are some of our favourite ways to use rose quartz and some of our favourite combinations.

When it comes to colour you don't need a lot to make a statement. We love this mostly neutral motif with a slight touch of pink in the trellis pattern on this area rug.  Keep the main furniture pieces neutral and add a few more splashes of colour in your throw pillows and you are set!

How to Decorate with Pantone's Rose Quartz and Serenity - Homespun Moroccan Trellis Rug; $24–$711; at Rugs USA:

 Try adding a fun accent chair in the living room, kitchen or dining room - it's a fun splash of colour and not a huge expense! This also makes a great desk chair in a home office!

Chaise Tolix, couleur pantone 2016 rose quartz:

Really want to embrace the rose quartz trend? Try these incredible table lamps - they make a real statement with shape and texture and add that pop of pink with a simple white shade!

Rose quartz, often used to symbolize love, peace, or happiness, is believed to stimulate the imagination.:

 Grey continues to be a big trend (we would say it is a timeless classic) so add some softness to the neutral tone with some rose quartz pillows with texture. We also love the light pink floral arrangement, simple and feminine.

2016 Trends for Living Room:

Make a statement on your wall that isn't a painted wall! Everyone looks great in pink and we love an over sized and bold art piece. Remember art doesn't need to match your room, in fact it shouldn't! So take a risk and add something fun and splashy!

In the Melbourne apartment of artist Miranda Skoczek, a candy-colored painting by Rhys Lee is situated above a sofa from Aero Designs.:

Not ready to commit to an accent wall? Try painting the interior side of your door.  This makes a statement and we love this one in particular because of the details and character of this door.

Classic entryway with black and white tiled floors and a pink door:

Keep the colour modern looking by pairing it with streamlined furniture pieces and add it to a tone on tone room.  This room has many shades of grey adding the small pops of pink just adds some femininity to the space.

Loving the colour combinations that Tarina had used to style her new media room @oh.eight.oh.nine our pink button cushion looks pretty amazing on this couch too I think | ImmyandIndi:

We love mixing soft pastels with bolder tones.  We love the mix of softer and lighter hues with the darker tones.  We also love the water colour effect of this pillow.  It's a perfect pop for any room!

Bluebellgray® Untitled 3 Pillow

Get creative, be bold but don't make too much of a commitment!  Let's face it painting an entire room or even and entire wall in pink sounds a bit over the top and intimidating but why not the inner part of your bookcase? You get that big pop of colour but not too big of a pop! We love how it looks in this image against the white bookcases and than paired with some dark accents in the room like navy and black!


Only you can determine what the right amount of pink in your decor is. Start small and keep adding until you are happy with what you have achieved.

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