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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Contemporary Backsplash Ideas

“My home is mostly contemporary style with some pops of colour throughout. I am planning to add a back splash to my kitchen in the near future but want to make sure it’s a similar style to the rest of my home. What are some contemporary tiles I could consider?”

Great question! There are so many great products on the market, we know the choices can be overwhelming. A lot of these tiles can be laid in different patterns, some more contemporary than others. Clean lines and a monochromatic colour scheme are what helps to define what a contemporary design is.
Here are some great options for a contemporary back splash:

Subway Tiles: Probably the most popular choice for a contemporary space.. Subway tiles come in many colours and sizes. You can get smaller or larger. 4x16 or 2x3 and many sizes in between. They come beveled or with a slight texture. They can be laid in a classic brick pattern or for a more contemporary look, try them straight laid. These are a simple, clean option that will brighten up any space. The flexibility to lay them in a variety of patterns makes them a super versatile option for your space. 

 Kitchen Backsplash - Rittenhouse Square Tile - Desert Gray - #X114 | DALTILE:

Mosaic Tiles: Depending on the colour palette that you chose, this can vary from a traditional tile to a contemporary tile. Again, a monochromatic colour scheme is more contemporary than a variety of bright colours. Sticking to neutrals and shades is sure way to keep the style consistent. 

 Suzie: Amanda Teal Design - Chunky white floating shelves, taupe dinnerware, wood bowls and ...:

Textured Tiles: All tile doesn’t have to be flat and boring. Adding a wavy geometric tile that is raised adds a different dimension to your design. If you’re a person who likes a monochromatic colour scheme this is probably the best option for you.

 I like the shelf with the lights. I don't know if the shelves are truly practical....:   Dune Tile from modularArts®:

Slabs: Adding a solid slab to your back splash is definitely a pricier option, but it is very contemporary, depending on the piece you choose. A marble or solid colour (with subtle veining) is a great choice for a contemporary space. It’s important to ensure that that it complements the existing counter top. The colour and material needs to flow together to make the space look harmonious.

 Love the white recess-panelled cabinetry in this kitchen! {Photography by Donna Griffith}:

Glass Tiles: Adding a simple, straight or brick laid glass tiles with a subtle colour is a great look for someone who is a little bit more edgy. This option pairs great with high gloss cabinetry. Neutrals are great too! Glass tile comes in many soft colours such as sea foam, aqua and so many other shades. The colour options are truly endless!

 coastal chic kitchen. backsplash! I would totally do this sort of backsplash with more traditional door pulls and butcher block countertops, for a more rustic coastal cottage look.:

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