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Monday, March 7, 2016

Home Staging - More than just Furniture and Fluffing Pillows...

We have been staging homes for a number of years now and what we can tell you is that staging is more than just 'pretty-ing' up a place.  Making a property pretty is of course important but there are other important factors when it comes to home staging that don't involve furniture at all.

1 - Smells.  Are you nose-blind? You might be and that's not uncommon.  We all get used to our surroundings the warts and all and that includes the smells.  When someone comes to your home for the first time, like a buyer would, they see it all and smell it all.  So be sure to tackle those unpleasant odours.  Ask a friend or neighbour to do a smell check - can they smell the pets? mold? mildew? A professional cleaning can often make a big difference and it's worth it!

 The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: 10 Tips for Staging Kitchens and Dining Spaces:

2 - Repairs.  Loose or cracked tiles, leaky faucet, loose hardware, burnt out light bulbs, noisy fan, chipped paint, the list goes on...tackle that list or get a handy man who can.  When buyers come through they will take notice and that will be come the focus.

 A California Bungalow Staged To Perfection | west elm:

3- Upgrades/Updates. Is your home in need of some updates? You may not know for sure and this is a great conversation to have with your agent.  They can tell you what has sold and for what price.  They can show you photos so you can see the condition of the sold property.  They can also show you this info for your market competition.  You may need to price accordingly or make some updates. But this can really determine your length of time on the market. Your agent can also let you know which updates are worth investing in and which to pass on.

This is so pretty:

4 - Clutter.  We all have it and we all can't stand it but it happens.  When you sell your home you need to deal with the clutter.  Sure you know the usual - kitchen counters, desk in the office but don't forget about the little clutter like bathroom counter surfaces, table tops, closets and even above those kitchen cabinets.  When you are selling your home - make a date or 2 or 3 conquer the clutter - it's better for you, it's better to deal with it before you go to the new place but it's important that the buyers don't see it.  Short on time and can't deal with the clutter? It's better to have papers and other items that clutter tucked away in containers - it looks neater and tidier. Clutter sends the message that 'this home lacks storage', so don't let it pile up!

 Design Dilemma Solved: Conquering the Paper Clutter | The Office Stylist:

5- Not just inner beauty.  The interior of your home is very important but so is the exterior.  Did you know that buyers often do judge a book buy it's cover? You might be missing out on a buyer if the exterior of your property doesn't show well.  So pay attention to the exterior.  is it clean? maintained? welcoming? well lit?

 curb appeal - beautiful landscape & beautiful house:

6 - Take out your personality.  Lots of buyers love a home with character but that doesn't mean your character.  Remove the bold wall paint colours, family photos, collections and anything that is really representative of your personal tastes and styles - bring that to the new place.  Neutralize and depersonalize.  It might sound boring to you - but it is important, buyers need to visualize themselves in the space and a neutral palette or a clean canvas allows them to do that.  You want a home buyer not a house guest!

 Top 10 Rules for Staging Homes from The Stagers : Decorating : Home & Garden Television:

Be prepared for some feedback that might not be glowing - it happens to every property.  It's not personal.  Use that feedback and discuss with your agent what you can do about it.  If you are noticing a pattern in your feedback 'like the family room is dark' - lighten it up with lighting or maybe paint.  Listen to the market and work with your agent.

When it comes to selling your home remember the buyer is looking for their new home, not your old home - make it shine and stand out from the crowd!

gray cashmere is the best for home staging and selling for a fresh look in a bedroom:

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