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Friday, August 27, 2010

Autumn's in the air!

Wow, it is hard to believe but we can all feel it - autumn is in the air! We are fortunate enough to experience the 4 seasons and the changes they bring, so embrace it in your decor. I know most of you are thinking cheesy but there are ways to make autumn or any seasonal decor cool and contemporary.

By keeping it simple - in a large minimalist bowl use items like gourds, apples or pinecones for a natural look.

Add some decorative sticks in a tall clay vase at the front entry (indoor or outdoor) with some pumpkins in various sizes.

Display small baby pumpkins in a vertical line for an easy centre piece maybe with some votive candles too.

A floral arrangement of sunflowers or mums adds dimension and a strong pop of colour.

Change out your outdoor planters and use colour ful hardy mums instead.

You can even change up yor decor pillows and throws to more seasonal tones.

The autumn is a time of true beauty. The colours are stunning, so work with them and great some gorgeous rooms with autumn accents!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unique places and unique pieces

I am currently working with a few private clients and assisting them with the selection of finishings and furnishings of their new homes. The one question that I hear time and time again is - "where in Ottawa can you find unique pieces?"

Unfortunately, we are not like Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver where there seems to be unique little furniture and decor shops on every corner but here are a few great places to check out in Ottawa.

In Westboro/West Wellington Village

- Beige

- Rhubarb home

- Ten Thousand Villages

- Suede

- Polanco

In the Market

- Relish

- Zone

- Canadian Rug Traders

- Green Light District

- Philip Van Leeuwen
- Giraffe

In Old Ottawa South

- Mikaza Home

- Yardley's Antique Store

- Three Wild Women

In Orleans

- Casa Luna

These are just a few. Every city has it's secrets for great finds in any area, any style and any price point. But here are a few places to get you started....have fun!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday to the IKEA catalogue!!

Yes, the IKEA catalogue is 60 years old!

You may have been lucky enough to have received your copy, but if not, you'll have to wait until Sept 6th....

But go to to take a sneak peek

Trends you'll notice in this year's catalogue : -

all shades of indigo (in furniture, upholstery and accessories)

folk inspired art and textiles

graphic prints in wall art and textiles

storage, storage and more storage

IKEA, celebrate their 60 years by checking out their new catalogue full of great products, prices and ideas!!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Loving Lavish and lime!

Looking to be more eco-friendly without giving up style? Check out for great body, living, kids and baby etc...ideas for greener living. These items also make great gifts!

My favourites:

the Clementine natural soy crayon rocks

the Lunch Punch sandwich cutters

the Cork Hot Pad Band

the Glass water bottles with the silicone protective cover (various colours)

the Goodbyn lunch box

There are so many ways to stay contemporary and eco-friendly. Great ideas for home organization (especially eating on the go) but great stuff for the kitchen, bathroom, kids' toys and clothing too!

All items are made in Canada! and are eco-friendly, non-toxic and chic.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Living

If you are a parent you know what life is like with kids - busy, messy, chaotic at times (a lot of the time) but can you have a family space with style? I think you can, it might not be haute couture but it can be chic and compatible for family living.

My husband and I love to entertain but we did not want our guests to feel like they were visiting the Romper Room. Here are some simple style tips for any family friendly space.

Sectional sofa - perfect for any space. looks high style and chic but has lots of space for seating - my son loves to sit in the corner spot!

Flat screen TV installed on the wall (should be done by someone who knows what they are doing) this saves space, looks high end and is safe!

Hardwood even concrete flooring is fabulous and easy to clean! Add area rugs for texture, comfort and to define spaces!

Have a kids area. A small and colourful table with chairs - this gives the kids their own space too.

Vertical space is important. Install magazine racks for your and the kids stuff.

Floating cabinets and shelves can keep display items out of arms reach! It looks clean and purposeful too!

Make family photos cool with art collages on the wall - black and white are timeless and elegant!

Find discreet kids furniture, real wood always looks great and furniture that tucks under the dining table brings everyone closer at meal time.

Ottomans and cubes are fun and funky!

Plus they are safe - no sharp corners and some offer storage!

Use baskets and boxes when ever you can to hide kids toys but still have them accessible.

Having kids items around can make any space feel fun and youthful! Work with where you are in your life line and have fun! Design does not have to be serious!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Earn your Stripes - Decor project

Here's an easy and inexpensive art project to jazz up your bare walls.

You will need:

- picture frame

- scissors

- scotch tape

- bristol board (white is best but black works too)

- ribbon (various widths and colours)

1 Start by selecting coloured ribbon from any craft store. Various widths and colours too. Trying to work with existing fabrics? Bring in a sample and work off of it.

2 Lie frame face down remove the back and, make sure glass is clean and clear.

3 Lay ribbon down on the glass (horizontal or vertical - you decide). This project looks best if strips of ribbon are slightly layered.

4 Tape ribbon ion place at the ends and in the middle too, this prevents any gaps from showing

5 Now, use the backing of the frame on the bristol board, trace it and cut. The britol board will act as the background to your ribbon - the entire glass should not be covered in ribbon.

6 Place bristol board in frame - take a look - if you are happy seal it up with the backing.

7 Voila! Any easy yet very chic piece of art for your walls!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Homes for sale in Glabar Park/McKellar Ottawa, Ontario

Homes for sale in Glabar Park/McKellar Ottawa, Ontario

Check out this amazing newly built home in a fantastic neighbourhood located steps away from transportation and ammenities. This home has all of the luxury you can dream of - espresso stained harwood throughout, soaring ceilings, granite, porceline tile, glass tile, upgraded light fixtures, massive private roof top patio, glass shower, vessel sinks,extra large and extra deep roman tub and a private elevator too ....this is the perfect home for an executive couple looking for drama and glamour!

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Living and Learning in Style!

Well it is almost that time of year again and the countdown is one for parents across the globe. BACK TO SCHOOL!! Now is the perfect time to set up a space dedicated to homework and projects for your children. The kitchen table (or even the living room sofa) often end up being the go-to spots for homework completion but high activity areas are distracting and too busy to focus. Experts say that a dedicated space for homework is best for learning.

A child's workspace should be as simple and organized as possible but it also has to be appealing to that the child will want to spend time in there working. A great tip is to get your child involved in the design. Have them look at pictures in magazines and have them show you what they like and why. Look at functionality over style but add some unique touches to the space. some great ways to add style - frame your child's art, frame educational or inspiring posters, paint a chalkboard space on the wall, or have your child paint their own mural on a wall. Keep the organization simple with boxes or baskets - easy to access and put away. Make sure the furniture is of an appropriate size for your child and that the room is well lit.

You do not need a large space just one that is well planned out. If space is limited, get creative - place the desk under the top bunk. think vertical by placing shelves or even a hutch above the desk. Be sure to anchor everything to the wall so it is a safe space too.

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