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Friday, August 27, 2010

Autumn's in the air!

Wow, it is hard to believe but we can all feel it - autumn is in the air! We are fortunate enough to experience the 4 seasons and the changes they bring, so embrace it in your decor. I know most of you are thinking cheesy but there are ways to make autumn or any seasonal decor cool and contemporary.

By keeping it simple - in a large minimalist bowl use items like gourds, apples or pinecones for a natural look.

Add some decorative sticks in a tall clay vase at the front entry (indoor or outdoor) with some pumpkins in various sizes.

Display small baby pumpkins in a vertical line for an easy centre piece maybe with some votive candles too.

A floral arrangement of sunflowers or mums adds dimension and a strong pop of colour.

Change out your outdoor planters and use colour ful hardy mums instead.

You can even change up yor decor pillows and throws to more seasonal tones.

The autumn is a time of true beauty. The colours are stunning, so work with them and great some gorgeous rooms with autumn accents!

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