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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Living and Learning in Style!

Well it is almost that time of year again and the countdown is one for parents across the globe. BACK TO SCHOOL!! Now is the perfect time to set up a space dedicated to homework and projects for your children. The kitchen table (or even the living room sofa) often end up being the go-to spots for homework completion but high activity areas are distracting and too busy to focus. Experts say that a dedicated space for homework is best for learning.

A child's workspace should be as simple and organized as possible but it also has to be appealing to that the child will want to spend time in there working. A great tip is to get your child involved in the design. Have them look at pictures in magazines and have them show you what they like and why. Look at functionality over style but add some unique touches to the space. some great ways to add style - frame your child's art, frame educational or inspiring posters, paint a chalkboard space on the wall, or have your child paint their own mural on a wall. Keep the organization simple with boxes or baskets - easy to access and put away. Make sure the furniture is of an appropriate size for your child and that the room is well lit.

You do not need a large space just one that is well planned out. If space is limited, get creative - place the desk under the top bunk. think vertical by placing shelves or even a hutch above the desk. Be sure to anchor everything to the wall so it is a safe space too.

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