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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Furniture face lift!

My husband and I spent our Canada day doing various chores around the house (sounds like fun right?). We had been putting off these chores for some time, with a new baby and busy work schedules we just did not have the time. One of the day's tasks was the empty the garage and find our patio set. Find it we did and boy it looked tired! We still set it up in the rear yard but it truly looked pathetic. Truth be told it was a hand me down from someone who purchased newer and nicer patio furniture for themselves - so it was already pretty used but we took it and have not really used it - maybe because it looked so awful.

We discussed buying a new set with all the sales on now but did not see anything that we really liked, so why spend the money. As a short term solution we decided to spray paint our current set, use it for the summer and if we wanted to, maybe purchase something new next spring.

We were not sure how the set would turn out but it had to be slightly better than how it looked currently. We went to the Home Improvement store and purchased our cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint. They had a ton of colours and finishes (textured, smooth etc...) check out their website for ideas and see all the things you can do at your home with a little bit of spray paint. Check out Inspiration page for ideas and do it yourself resources for tips and tricks.
Our set looks brand new and spectacular. We were able to choose colours that worked with some other item we had in the yard and we even decided to paint the wicker chairs too! It did not take long and it was a fun project to do together at home.
It is amazing what a face lift can do!

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