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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Garage Sales!!

It's that time of year - garage sales are everywhere! My mother-in-law is a big garage sale shopper and she always finds great deals - I never really understood how she did it, I always seemed to find junk. "It's best to start early," she says "that's where you find the best stuff at the best deals." I have heard this before but I always found them to be overwhelming, so much stuff and how to sort through it all. Many garage sales are not organized like some of the ones you see on TV shows like "Clean Sweep", so it is best to go in with a strategy or a plan of attack. Go with a list, know what you are looking for - furniture, clothing etc...but don't be too specific because this is a different kind of shopping. By narrowing your search you'll feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

Garage sales are great for unique finds such as lamps, artwork and even furniture but go in with some creativity and imagination. For example - you may find a table with great lines and the perfect size for your eat-in kitchen but the colour may not be your taste. Think about sanding off the finish and painting it. Can't find matching chairs? Purchase chairs from an inexpensive store that match or white garage sale hunting find mismatching chairs in the appropriate size and refinish them in a fun and fresh paint colour. Find an interesting lamp but the shade is dated? Switch up the shade.

If you are looking to add some special touches to your home, garage sales are a great starting point. You can really find some treasures that may need some polishing but you'll save a bundle and no one will have the same pieces that you will. It's a lot of fun too!

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