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Monday, April 26, 2010

Brighten up your bathroom without blowing the bank

We have all heard how kitchens and bathrooms are the hot spots in your home. These are the rooms that can get you top dollar when it is time to sell. But looking around at bathroom specialty showrooms can be overwhelming, so many choices and the price to do to a bathroom reno can spin out of control. So is there a way to brighten up the bathroom and not blow your budget? Of course. check out these ideas:

a -- Change up your hardware. A simple and easy makeover but wow it can really transform a room.

b -- Paint. Depending on what look you want to achieve will depend on your colour choice. If you LOVE colour, I recommend drama in a powder room but softer in an ensuite or main bath.

c -- New mirror. Adding a 'custom' mirror looks expensive and sends the message ' this home was loved and cared for' to potential purchasers. Look for a mirror with a unique frame, again, a special touch that you might not see in other homes.

d -- New towels etc.... Get some fresh guest towels, new soap dispensers, a small plant (real or fake) and perhaps, a piece of art. This can really spruce up a boring bathroom and won't cost much at all. I like classic white towels, very chic and timeless. A black and white photo is also a timeless piece that works with all colour palettes. This is a great idea to follow if you are looking to sell.

e -- New shower curtain. Get rid of the old and in the with new and don't forget to replace the plastic liner, too. A mouldy shower liner and/or curtain is just gross. A new curtain adds some freshness to the room.

f -- Change out your faucets, shower head, towel bar and toilet paper bar. Adding these shiny, new pieces can really change up your room and make it sparkle! Most hardware stores offer a package so all the items match. A mis-match of hardware in the bathroom looks like you went and bought everything at a discount, take the time to find items in the same finish and look.

Serious about selling?

Be sure to put extra time into minor repairs. Fix the leaky faucet, cracked tiles, touch up paint and remove the mould and mildew. These small details are not insignificant and do matter. Putting time and effort into making your home 'picture perfect' will not go unseen and the offers you receive on your home will reflect that.

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