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Friday, March 19, 2010

It's selling season!!

Well it's that time of year again, selling season, also known as spring! This time of year tends to be the most popular time to sell your house. But with so much competition on the market how can you set your listing apart from the others? Well, here are some great suggestions to make your home look the best it can. Home staging your property isn't just fluffing pillows, there is a lot of other elements, too.

In a house brimming with high-end style and charm you would never guess that a thrifty and practical homeowner was responsible for the transformation. By testing out durable pieces and being frugal, the homeowner completely c
1 -- Rake the front lawn. Sure, the grass isn't quite here yet but the left over debris can really make the front lawn look awful. So clean up!

2 -- Sweep the front porch or stoop. You might have some left over salt, sand or leaves, so clear the area it will make a good first impression. Also take the time to sweep the driveway and back porch too.

3 -- Add some colour. The flowers are not in bloom yet but you can add some colour with a spring themed wreath or perhaps a bench with some colourful outdoor pillows.

4 -- Pull back the curtains and pull up the blinds and let the light in! Your home will feel larger and brighter in an instant.

A sitting room just off the kitchen is outfitted in the same creams and taupes, tying the two rooms together. Light-color fabrics are balanced by dark wood furniture and a ceiling with wood beams.

5 -- As long as it is not too cold, open up the windows before your open house and let some fresh air in. Over the winter the air in our homes tends to get stuffy. But don't keep the house too cool, it might feel drafty.

6 -- Clean your carpets either with a powerful vacuum or maybe contact a professional carpet cleaner. It's amazing how dirty our carpets get over winter (especially if there are pets in the home). A deep cleaning can even make the air feel crisper.

7 -- Clean you windows and screens. Again, the home will feel so much better and if you have a great view, don't block it.

8 -- Brighten and freshen up your home with some fresh cut bouquets or potted plants.

9 -- You can renew your spaces such as the bathrooms and bedrooms with some minor accessories. Add some new candles, new guest towels or decor pillows with some colour. Check out some inexpensive stores such as Bouclair, Loblaws and Wal-Mart for some great finds at great prices.
10 -- Take the time to check your light fixtures for dust, cobwebs and burnt out light bulbs. This is also a great time to clean your smoke alarms.

 Driven By Décor: Is Kubu For You?: Kubu Grey Rattan Dining Chairs
Your home should always look it's best but it is most important when there is a lot of competition on the market you need to really impress. To sell quickly and for top dollar, it is worth spending the time (and money) to make your home the best it can be.

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