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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Room Make Unders

Over stuffed rooms! We all have one or know someone who does. What are they? - You ask. They are the rooms with an abundance of framed family photos, collections of plates and small statues, too many plants, big furniture pieces, wall treatments such as paneling or brick, lots of texture and colour. Can you picture it? How does it make you feel? When a room is over stuffed it can make someone feel unwelcome, anxious or even stressed. Too much of anything is never good for you, and that includes decorating. These rooms are most commonly found in homes where the owners family members live far away or the owner is the type of person who wants to make everyone happy all of the time. So what can we do about these rooms? Edit. Compare the two above images, the one on top is clean and organized but still warm and welcoming. Lots of room to display treasured items, soft colours in the bed linens and wall paint but some bold pops of red. The white flooring and shelving 'disappear'. The lower image is full of decor pieces, pattern, and rich colours which is cramped and cluttered. the dramatic wall colour makes the small room feel even smaller. Too many bold patterns and textures compete with each other and make the space too busy. The extra chair and Christmas tree fill up the space and don't leave much room for movement. Remember clutter does not necessarily mean that the space is dirty or messy, it might just simply have too much in it.

A room make under requires a few things but the most important is a friend. Help your friend or family member tackle this project as it can be emotional and tough to do by oneself.

Let's tackle the issues!

1 -- The photos. Go through the framed photos and determine which ones you want to display and which you are willing to place in an album. Can't decide? Make your selections and remember, photos are easily rotated in and out of frames into albums. Instead of cluttering your surface space with the various framed photos, create a family photo gallery on a wall. The frames do not have to match. Hang them on your wall in a collage/gallery style - this is a great method to display your memories and it is also a very clean look. Use paper templates to decide how where to hang your frames, before nailing anything to your walls.

2 -- The heavy furniture. You may have to make a purchase or two for this one. Now that the photos are on the wall, you should have created some surface space which helps make the room feel less 'stuffed' but I would recommend eliminating a few large items such as a large entertainment unit and a large TV. With flat screens as an affordable option, they really cut down on the need for bulky furniture pieces. Place your new TV on a lower, storage solution style cabinet. Your big, cozy couch and armchair can stay, as they likely fit a lot better now. If the coffee table still takes up a lot of space look at a few options such as glass or even cubes (they can be used as storage and extra seating). Try playing around with the placement of your furniture too.

3 -- Too much texture. Texture is important in a room and mixing them up is a lot of fun and creates a comfortable space but too much is distracting. If you like a lot of texture, keep the colour tones similar and light and only have some boldness in an area rug, decor pillows or maybe your sofa, just some simple examples. If your walls are textured, such as brick or paneling, paint is a great option (ask you local paint store which type of paint is best) these textured walls can feel heavy and make the room feel very enclosed. Again, keep the paint colours light and then select window dressings in a similar hue - this will make any space feel large. In a small space with average height ceilings (8 feet) keep the curtains simple and too layered, this adds bulk.

4 -- Gifts. Vases, statues, souvenirs, etc.... they are great gifts but you do not have to have them all out at once. Have a few out at a time and rotate (by month or by season or maybe when you just feel like switching things up). If your Aunt Sally bought you a vase for a wedding gift have it out (all filled with fresh flowers) when she comes to visit. By editing down your space and rotating 'gifts' you will create focus and make each item feel special.

Updating the look of your room doesn't have to cost a fortune. By rotating your furniture, decor pieces and photos you can really change up your style. Having everything in one room all at one time, is like putting all of your dishes in the sink at once and leaving it - it's a mess!! Help your family, friends and yourself with a room make under.

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