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Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 Easy ways to make any room more interesting

I am a big believer that you do not have to spend a lot of money to make your living spaces attractive and functional. People often ask me about tips and tricks when it comes to decorating their spaces. Here's a FAQ that I am asked quite often.

How can I make any room more visually appealing?

The answer is simple add these four elements - colour, pattern, texture and shine. But don't go overboard. small splashes of these four elements can go a long way. Here are some examples of each element.

Colour - Doesn't necessarily have to be bold. That is really up to the individuals personality, some like it bright (think oranges and fuchsia). But it could be calm colours such as light blues or greens. Where to put the colour? I like it in art or throw pillows but some people like to make colourful statement with painted walls and tile. Again, how you use your colour is up to you, make sure it suits your personality but don't be afraid to experiment.

Pattern - You will likely see pattern in your textiles, so drapes, pillows, throw blankets and rugs but we are seeing a trend towards wall tattoos and wall paper on accent walls so make a splash with some pattern but remember if you want to mix patterns (which is totally acceptable) just be sure to have one bolder one and the others more in a supportive or lesser role and be sure to pick multiple patterns in similar colour tones.

Texture - This is also very common in your textile choices. Textures can be both smooth, rough, soft and sleek and combining all of them is the best way to go. This year we are seeing a lot of sweater knits and furs used as throws or decor pillows. Texture can also be used with decor pieces particularly anything that is handmade such as pottery or blown glass pieces.
Shine - Some sparkle is always needed and this can be found anywhere but mostly in decor items although this season you will be seeing some wall paper and area rugs with sheen. Glass, stainless steel,mirrors and glossy ceramics can give you just enough shine in your space.
See the photo above as an example of color, pattern, texture and shine. The cotton chenille couch with canvas pillows add some cozy textures. The coffee table also adds some smooth texture to the space. The glass jars also add texture but also some shine (double duty). The colour can be seen in both the pillows and artwork - yellows and greens transfer from season to season and they always look fresh. The pillows, artwork, armchair and wire side table bring in pattern, notice they are not exactly the same but they work together. some more texture could be added with some rattan or knitted pieces but this is a great example of how to blend all 4 elements and still keep a very classic living space.

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