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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Closet freak!

Making the most of your closet space (or lack there of!)

If you can see the items in your closet you are less likely to shop for new items when a special event comes up, because you will know what you have and what you don't need. A large closet is not necessary but here are some tip for any size closet to keep it organized.

1 -- Choose one type of hanger. A variety of hangers can take up space and also make a closet look messy.

2 -- Organize pieces in groups. Keep jackets, jeans etc... together, that way when you are looking for a certain item you know just where to look.

3 -- Get vertical. Install hooks for scarves, belts and long jewellery - these piece tend to get jumbled up by hanging them you'll know just where they all are.

4 -- Be clear. Keep undergarments, workout gear etc... in clear plastic bins. They are put away, dust-free and easy to spot.

5 -- Go natural. Eco-friendly storage pins such as bamboo can keep insects away! You can also try lavender, cedar or eucalyptus.

Treat your closet like a store display - if it is organized you will likely feel at ease and welcome. But a big old mess, is a turn off and a source of stress.

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