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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The 5 F-words of home staging

In order to make sense of staging your home for sale, follow the 5 F-words of home staging.


Hardwood flooring is the most popular and therefore the best option for your flooring choice. The floors are beautiful, they add warmth, value and are preferred especially with the increase of allergens in the home - hardwood is much easier to clean. Have as few types of flooring as possible in one home, as multiple materials can make a home look small and choppy.

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Create a focal point in each room such as a fireplace, a bay window. Make sure the focal point in obvious and highlighted for the buyer to see. this is where staging and furniture placement really work in your favour. As the owner of the home, circulate and take notes of what you feel are the best features/focal points of each room - this can really help your stager, since you bought this home you probably fell in love with some of the features.


Make sure the function of each room is clear. If the space is not defined, buyers are left wondering what to do with a certain room. Doubling up functions of a room is not always recommended but in smaller spaces it is often necessary but again be clear, if the room is a sitting room plus an office make the room tidy and organized so the buyers can tell it apart from a catch-all space. For example, in a open concept place an area rug in the living room can help to define the living room apart from the dining room without building walls and blocking the flow

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4 - FLOW

The house must have good flow in order to attract an offer. You can achieve this through paint (keep each room more or less in the same colour palette). Other tips - allow 3 feet for pathways in and out of a room; chairs and sofas should be no more than 8 feet apart and allow 18 inches between sofa and coffee table. These tips helps create a free flowing space with good energy and a space that feels large but still inviting.


Make sure the furniture highlights the room's best features and doesn't obstruct or cramp a room. Look at the room and pay attention to features such as the dining room fixture, it will tell you where to place the table. Create conversation groupings no larger than 10-12 feet square. Create a focal point such as a tall vase by the fireplace or pillows in the window seat. An appointment with a home stager can help you put together a great furniture plan offering flow and presentation to buyers

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