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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Coffee table - not just for coffee anymore

The Coffee table has really come a LONG way! There are so many options to suit price points, lifestyle and your personal style. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a coffee table but be sure to take a look at all of the selection out there, you'll be very surprised!

Here are some options out there:

Glass - the glass coffee table is great for small spaces, as it becomes invisible yet still useful. Glass coffee tables do not have to have sharp edges either, check out Structube ( their "visio" tables (coffee, end and nesting tables) are gorgeous, reasonably priced and have a sleek smooth line.

Upholstered - the ottoman/coffee table works with most styles and it is great for families but can also work in an urban loft. This option has so many choices because you are dealing with fabrics, but personally I feel leather is best. Leather is super easy to clean and always looks great! Another great feature about ottoman/coffee tables is that they are multi purpose - extra seating when hosting a party or additional storage if you purchased one that opens.
EQ3 is a great store for ottoman/coffee tables ( In my home, we have the Morten ottoman in a Merlot coloured leather and it looks great and is so practical but EQ3 has a wide range of sizes and style for your ottomans and not to mention a wide variety o fabric choices too.

Wood - This tends to be a more traditional route, however, you can still find some wood options that have a modern vibe. This options tends to work a bit better in a more formal living space (one where people do not have a tendency to put their feet on your furniture). Depending on the colour of stain you choose can also change the look of your room - dark mahogany is dramatic and formal, dark espresso more modern and light honey or natural is more casual. This option can also have a lot of practical features such as storage shelves for books or magazines which keeps the main surface clear and ready for display or drinks!

The coffee table is often placed in the centre of your living space so feel free to use it for some small displays. Just don't clutter it with all of your stuff - especially if company is coming over. A bowl or fruit, photography books or even a sculpture add a feel of who you are to the space.

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Blogger Sandra Yu said...

Very true.. I like how you see the coffee table :)

- Matelas Bonheur

June 10, 2015 at 5:37 AM  

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