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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Add some personality

So many people ask me what is the secret to having a room (any room) that is truly special and unique. The answer is: personality! But what does that mean exactly? Personality is what makes a room reflect your taste and style. When you purchase a furniture set, as many of us do - you get the couch and chairs that match and maybe even a coffee table ottoman too but your space starts to look generic and boring. Sure, you can paint your walls a dramatic colour but that doesn't suit everyone - so what can you do? Take a stroll through your local anitque shop and look for items that catch your eye. In Ottawa, we are lucky to have antique alley located on Bank St. where we have several excellent and truly special antique stores.
Take a close look at the image above. The colour palette is quite dramatic and modern - charcoal grey with a lime accent throw pillow but a basic white wall. The area rug and occasional chair are both very traditional and classic but complementary to the sofa which has very structured and modern lines. The coffee table (if you can see it) is a smooth and sleek clear plastic piece. The wall art is big, graphic and bold but the frames are very classic. The hardwood floor is a natural material that adds warmth to the room and classic style. This is an excellent example of blending old and new to create a truly special room.

I have never been to antique shop. Where can I go and what should I be looking for?

In antique stores, look for interesting lamps - you don't have to have a matching set but be sure they have a common thread such as colour, shape or scale - especially, if they will be flanking either side of the sofa. Look for an interesting table or trunk to be used as a coffee table, a trunk offers more storage too. Picture frames, containers or just interesting knick knacks can add that "je ne sais quoi". Pottery is a great find in antique shops and it's got a lot of character combining colour, shape and texture. These "personality" pieces give your home true character and make your space distinctive. Use pieces for things other than what they are intended for : old tools can be used as art on a wall or coffee table. Anything that catches your eye is worth picking up - if you love it you'll find a spot for it! This is what will make your home your sweet home.

Here are some antique stores in Ottawa - these are worth checking out:

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