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Monday, June 1, 2009

What's cooking?

The kitchen is the hub of all activity in any home - so it should be practical and stylish.

So before you start your kitchen reno, take a loook at what's cooking in the kitchen.

Here is what is happeing for hot kitchen looks in 2009.

Rustic chic: natural materials and colours (like stone, wood, light greys, white, pale greens and yellows); more obvious wood graining; rough-hewn-looking stones such as slate, soapstone or honed stone finishes.

Electric-bright colours: strong statements in bold primaries, often used in one element or as an accent (like a red wall); also, bright cabinets and/or countertops, especially in yellow or orange.

Reflective, high-gloss surfaces: already a hit in Europe, in colour, black or white or metals such as stainless steel; mirror, glass (including glass mosaic) or high-gloss finishes.

Monochromatic design: especially all-white or all-black.

Cleaner, simpler lines: even in traditional styles; the heavy, over-the-top mouldings of years past are being toned down.

Built-in appliances: a 30-inch deep fridge can be integrated with a 24-inch counter depth by actually recessing it into the wall behind, maximizing storage capacity without interrupting the flow of a counter or jutting into the room; it can then be finished with a cabinet front or embellished with furniture elements.

Enviro-chic: good looks are not enough these days! The kitchen must be environmentally friendly at all stages of its creation -- from the choice of materials and manufacturing processes to its functionality and efficiency to all the appliances.

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