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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day gift ideas that make a lasting impression

Don't forget...Mother's Day is this Sunday (May 10th)

Wouldn't it be nice to get mom something she will love?

Check out these ideas. Mom will love them.

1 -- Get flowers that last. Cut bouquets are a nice treat but opt for a potted version which will last much longer. For the mother that loves being in the kitchen, try an herb garden! It is a great idea for teas and cooking!

2 -- A beautiful picture frame with your picture inside. It is another lasting memory and is a very thoughtful gift especially if you live apart from each other. Another option is to create a photo montage - the frames are easy (check out home decor or photography stores) to find and you can select a variety of photos ranging from childhood until now.

3 -- Treat mom to some luxury. A high thread count sheet set or a cashmere throw blanket. In Ottawa's By Ward market the store "Mon lit" has some very rich and luxurious bedding and accessories to choose for mom.

4 -- Candles make a great gift especially if they come in a reusable holder. There are so many scents available too. When selecting a scent remember that it becomes stronger when lit, so if the perfume is intense without being lit, try another scent. In most cases a lighter scent is better.

5 -- If mom loves to garden, create a gardener's gift basket - include hand tools, some seeds, gloves and maybe a how-to book. Again, this is a gift that will last and keep a hobby of mom's growing.

6 -- If your mother is like mine, she doesn't really spend money on the basics for herself - so do it for her. Peek around her house and see what she could use - towels, kitchen gadgets, or cutlery. It's practical and functional but appreciated.

7 -- Anything for the outdoors. The outdoor living space is now very popular whether it is the large family backyard or a chic condo style patio - there is a lot to choose from. Buy mom some outdoor accessories such as candle sets, margarita set or dishes. There are so many to choose from, great colour and pattern and at many price points.

8 -- A good book. Look for something special - an inspirational or motivating story or a fabulous photography book. Be sure to write a personal message inside and date it!

9 -- Make something. There are some great ceramic stores in Ottawa such as the Mud Oven and Gotta paint! You can create a special gift for mom. Give yourself about a week to select the item, paint it and fire it (the final touch of the ceramic process which gives the item a glossy and polished finish). They have salad bowls, teapots, coffee mugs, picture frames, serving platters and more, that you can personalize right there in the store.

10 --The gift of time -- What this Mom adores most is being with you, so take the time to plan a special day for you both: shopping, a picnic in the park, a rambling walk. Think of your Mom's favourite things and share them together -- she'll be delighted with your consideration.

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