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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Got an hour? Organize your linen closet

Ooh the linen closet...a space that is often neglected and one that is just jammed full of towels and sheet sets that have seen better days. I know my linen closet was in need of some serious attention, so here's what I did and it only took an hour!

20 minutes - Empty. Purge and Sort.

Remove and inspect everything from the closet. Discard items that are not in good condition - items that are stained and frayed or ones that you no longer want. Separate the keepers - sheet sets, towels, blankets and tablecloths.

25 minutes - Fold and store

To keep stacks neat, find a folding method you like (for example you could roll towels to conserve space) and stick to your system. Aim for two to three sheet sets per bedroom - rotating your bedding is hygienic and extends the life of your bedding. Extra pillow cases are also a great idea - if you don't have time to change the entire bed, by just changing the pillow cases you'll still achieve that clean and crisp feel for bedtime. Once your sheet sets are in a pile, you can place them in a wicker basket or an open container with a label indicating the size or room; or tie them up using a light coloured ribbon. Place bed sheets and towels on shelves with easy access, eye level is best. Use top and bottom shelves for seasonal items, such as heavy blankets.

15 minutes - Protect and preserve

Never store blankets or duvets in plastic bins or bags, this can cause the material to disintegrate, use cotton bags instead. Don't fold tablecloths, hang them! Use natural bug repellents like lavender or mint sachets. To add a soothing scent to your linens, spritz your favourite scent (bounce sheets work nicely too) on a clean hand towel and tuck it discreetly behind a neat stack.

It feels great to be organized and see how much you can get done in an hour!!

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