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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bringing sexy back into the bathroom

The idea of moving into a new home that the builder has outfitted with your wish list of upgrades can be hard to resist. But builder upgrades can be very costly. Even relatively simple items, such as a few pot lights that would normally cost a homeowner a few hundred dollars, can spike by a couple of hundred per cent when you ask your builder to install them. At the same time, it can be difficult to know what’s best for your new home until you have lived in it for a while. Does it need three pot lights or four? Where should the lighting be placed? What colour of tile would work best? Why not wait until you havemoved in to decide. Then you can make the upgrades yourself, and keep the money in your pocket rather than fill your builder’s.
Ready to turn your basic, boring bathroom into a swank, sexy space?

1 -- Replace the shower head. The most basic of upgrades but one that can make a big difference in your morning shower, the three-outlet upgraded shower head is pure luxury but without a high price tag. Even a somewhat handy person can make this change.

2 -- Replace the basic mirror. All builders use a very simple basic mirror that is usually quite plain or if you are really unlucky, very dated. But this is a simple fix, go to any home furnishings store and find the mirror section (make sure you have measured your space). Replace your boring builder mirror with a more current one. If you can find one with a unique frame this can really make your space a special one.

3 -- Replace the vanity. This change is bit more costly and recommended in a resale home as opposed to a new build. The existing vanity was classic builder’s basic or perhaps original to the home—functional but boring. A new dark-wood vanity, bought off the shelf at Home Depot or Rona, can come complete with marble top and vessel-style sink, which can give any bathroom a modern flair at a reasonable price point.

4 -- Replace the light fixture. A single fixture over the vanity and one over the bathtub is the builder basic but it leaves the room unevenly lit and dim. Adding two pot lights in the middle of the ceiling makes the room bigger, cleaner and brighter. Adding inexpensive upgraded light fixture above your mirror completes the lighting modification needed to create an expensive looking bathroom.

5 -- Accessorize! By adding some decor pieces that work with your theme (beach, spa etc...) can be the finishing touch to setting the tone to your new bathroom. Look for a small plant, guest soaps or a unique soap dispenser, pieces such as beach glass, shells or starfish, some art to hang on the walls. Don't forget the towels - look for a colour that works with the space right now crisp white towels with a touch of chocolate are really popular but whatever you choose make it consistent. The Dora the Explorer towels might be on sale and would work in a child's bathroom but they should not be used for your adult guests. Buy in bulk and look for sales, most department stores run a promo sale on towels a few times a year.

Even though it is just a bathroom remember this is part of your home to, and your guests will want to feel welcome in all areas of your home. If you are looking at selling now or in the near future, the bathroom space(s) are very important on the resale market. After speaking with members of the Bennett Real Estate pros ( their agents mentioned that the bathrooms were an important factor in selling any home. Potential buyers are looking for clean, well-maintained and current bathroom spaces. When showing your home make sure any repairs have been fixed, the bathroom is spotless, all personal items are stored away to show off counter space and adding some decor such as a plant and clean towels, goes a long way. A bathroom can make an impact on your guests (or potential buyers) and your ensuite should be a place to escape and enjoy!

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April 24, 2009 at 7:02 PM  
Blogger Kristi Blok said...

I have granite in my home and I love it! The look and the clean factor cannot be beat. The Jackson Stoneworks initiative for "Help Stop Cancer with Granite" is inspiring and just another incentive to go for granite. Thank you for your comments and sharing this information.

April 26, 2009 at 3:49 PM  

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