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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A splash of colour!

Spring is right around the corner and if you have been in any clothing stores or boutiques you have likely noticed all of the saturated and bright colours, which are perfect to break the winter blahs. If injecting colour is an effective way to update and energize your wardrobe, why not do the same for your home? Here are 4 very budget-friendly ways to do just that.

1 -- Group like-coloured objects. Look around your home and find various objects in a single hue. A vase, books, small decor items and perhaps a picture frame, create a small grouping (odd numbers are best such as 3 or 5 items) and display it in a visible area such as the console table in your front hall or a bookcase in your living room. An easy, fast, colourful art instillation which can make a big impact.

2 -- Paint your lamp shades. Make use of your leftover paints and create a funky and fun lamp shade. Paint a paper lamp shade, apply two coats of colour with a sponge brush; the whole process takes less than an hour, including drying time. For even more impact, use painters tape to create a bold geometric pattern or create fresh, crisp stripes. This adds a unique touch and visual impact in any room.

3 -- Decant your soaps. Make your bathrooms look more like a boutique or exclusive apothecary and less like a pharmacy, show off those jewel toned "potions" in clear vessels. Clear plastic vessels can be found at most dollar stores or even grocery stores. Many clear plastic pieces are looking more and more like glass, which adds a sparkle to a small space like a bathroom.

4 -- Add pop to your kitchen. The kitchen is the hot spot when entertaining so make it pop! There are many accessories available in kitchen stores and department stores that can add a fun and funky feel to the kitchen. My sister just moved into a new condo and as a house warming gift I purchased a bright lime green pepper mill. It is both functional, decorative and it was cost effective (less than $20). Another cheap, easy and colourful trick is to take a footed glass vase and fill it with bright neon straws . They are perfect for morning smoothies or summer cocktails - and they deliver a splash of welcome colour to the kitchen counter top.

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