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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Decor FAQ

My kitchen is boring and ugly is there anything I can do short of spending thousands of dollars renovating it?

The kitchen is the hub of activity in any home so we should feel like it is a warm and fun place to be. Here are some simple and inexpensive solutions to update your space - change up the hardware, in Ottawa we are lucky to have a Lee Valley tools, they probably have the best and most varied selection of kitchen pulls and knobs. Another quick fix, paint! If the kitchen is a bit lifeless or dull add a splash of colour!

I would love to work with an interior designer but I don't have the money, what are my options to get a designer look without the cost?

Go window-shopping!! Walk around and browse in your favourite furniture shops and take a look at the displays. Take a look at what is out there and ask your sales professional for some advice - it won't cost you anything. Some of my favuorite places to browse in Ottawa are Blueprint Home located at 1301 Wellington, Rhubarb Home 279 Richmond Road and EQ3 located in the ByWard market.

What is the single least expensive thing I can do to transform my space?

Paint. Don't be afraid of colour - it can completely transform the mood of any room and don't worry about choosing the wrong one - you can always paint over it! In Ottawa we have some excellent paint professionals who can help you select your colour. Farrow & Ball located at 343 Richmond Road Ottawa, (613) 722-9891, has true professionals in their shop and they can help you with any paint or decor need.

How can I get inexpensive mood lighting?

First thing get rid of any fluorescent lighting it has a blue tint and makes everything look ugly. Instead use halogen or incandescent lighting. Also use dimmers and use them everywhere. They are easy to install, just ask at any home improvement store, I prefer Rona (you can collect air miles). Dimmers can change the mood in any room in an instant. The more light sources you have the better - overhead, task lighting, reading lamps and candles depending on which combination you use can really alter the feeling in any space. Some of my favourite lighting stores in Ottawa are: MultiLuminaire 1872 Merivale Road and Zone 471 Sussex Dr.
For dramatic touches, candles can add a romantic feel.

Can I clean my moldy plastic shower curtain liner?

No you cannot and why would you want to? Your bathroom should not only be stylish but also clean, a shower curtain liner can collect all kinds of body oils, bacterias and mildew, it's best to replace the liner when you can see any collection of mold or mildew. Just purchase an inexpensive liner and spend on the curtain itself. Some stores that have great and unique curtains are Zone, 471 Sussex Dr, Home Outfitters and even Loblaws - the prices all vary and so does the selection but these stores have something for everyone and every taste.

Do dark colours always make a small space look even smaller?

Not necessarily. It depends on the amount of light that reflects into the room. If the room has a window you have a lot more freedom to choose any colour you like. For example many bathrooms look chic and elegant when painted in a bold and dramatic colour. Painting walls a dark shade helps them recede, giving the room a sense of depth. Adding lighter touches to a dark room gives drama and balance, for example an eggplant or charcoal powder room with cream or white towels and fixtures and some black and white photography make the space seem rich and luxurious.

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