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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simple. Style. Sleep. The Bedroom

Your home should be a place of sanctuary, and no room gives us a deeper sense of shelter than the bedroom. It is where we escape from the daily grind. The bedroom is an intimate space that should soothe and inspire. A perfect bedroom should be both stylish and practical. Create a space that is a canvas of all the things you love.

Start with a basic framework to creating your bedroom sanctuary. A comfortable bed is a must, go to a mattress store and test a few out. Roll around, take your shoes off and lie in the position you usually sleep in. Many stores offer a great return policy if you are unsatisfied but it can be a bit of a pain to move mattresses in and out of your home. Think about your space - will a king size bed fit and still leave room for other essentials? Do you need additional storage? Next, the lighting - you will require bedside (for reading) and overhead (for dressing). Accessorize - add pillows with a pop of colour, a throw blanket with some soft texture, art work that is calming, plants for some life and dimension, appropriate window coverings, a chair for sitting, an area rug to keep your feet warm while waking on a cold winter day and candles for mood setting.

To create a tranquil bedroom be sure to keep the look warm but clean. Too much clutter can cause stress and a room cannot be relaxing if you feel stressed out when in it. The bedroom should not be too multifunctional - try and keep the computer and TV out of the bedroom. This can be very distracting and make it difficult for sleep. Try and have 2-3 sheet sets per bedroom and look for the highest thread count you can afford - you won't regret it. The higher the thread count the softer the fabric.

When it comes to colour in the bedroom, softer and lighter is better as it creates a subtle and soothing feeling in the space. Bright accents can add personality but they should not take over. In a space that greets you at the beginning of every day and sends you off to sleep every night, the colours you choose should feel personal and special - straight from your heart and soul.

your bedroom more than any other space should reflect who you are. This is the most personal space in the house and it is only shared with those whom you are truly close to. Select pieces, colours and accessories that express your spirit in the room. Keep it lively and have fun!

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