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Monday, May 25, 2009

Bold statement

Want to make a bold statement in any room?

We have all seen the design shows where the snotty designer dressed in all black leaves a room screaming because of the dreaded ceiling fan. But the ceiling fan has come a long way, there are many styles but they can get expensive. From an eco-friendly perspective ceiling fans can also drastically reduce the energy consumption in a household. A punch of colour upgrades a ceiling fan from merely functional to a bold focal point (and a conversation piece).

Here's a great DIY idea to use an existing and practical ceiling fan and make it pop!!

1 -- Remove the ceiling fan and medallion from the ceiling.

2 -- Use a screwdriver to take of the blades and open the motor casing.

3 -- Lightly sand all surfaces to be painted (it looks best when the entire piece is painted)

4 -- Cover ventilation holes in motor casing from the inside with painter's tape.

5 -- With a damp cloth wipe the ceiling fan clean

6 -- Evenly spray all fan parts and medallion with Rust-Oleum paint (comes in all colours - brights and neutrals even metallic), which is the only one to use as it can withstand the heat from the motor.

7 -- Once the paint is completely dry, re-install and voila!

Be an individual and make your ceiling fan one too!

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