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Monday, June 15, 2009

Favourite things - Wall Tattoos

What is a wall tattoo? It is a vinyl decal that sticks to your wall adding some funk and colour but can be re-used and does not damage your wall!

What is a wall stencil? It is a template where the design must be painted on. It is more time consuming, tricky to get just right and is only removable by painting over it!

Why do I love wall tattoos? Well, they are funky, colourful and they add a lot of personality to any room. They are easy to "install" and they can be removed without any damage. But they are also an inexpensive alternative to wall art. The wall tattoo I purchased for my son's nursery cost $34.99 and was purchased at my local RONA.

Do they come in different colours? Yes, they do. The kids series is very colourful and thematic. Fairies, Pirates, Animals and Fish are all available in the kids line. But for more "grown up" spaces, you'll find leaf motifs, stars, bamboo, and more; and in colours such as white, grey, charcoal, black, green, brown and red.

Where can I put a wall tattoo? Anywhere even moist areas like the bathroom. I personally find they make a bigger impact in a smaller room like a powder room or a child's room but they can go anywhere.

Where can I find wall tattoos? I have purchased mine at RONA. but they are also available at HomeSense and some craft stores.

Look for...Wall tattoos by Mur*Mur (a Canadian Company).

Deck the walls with funky decals....lalalalalalalala.....

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