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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DIY art!

Artwork can really pull the look of a room together and there are so many different pieces to choose from, so how do you choose?

Well, go with your first instinct and go for what you like - whatever you are drawn to and for whatever reason. It could be the colours, the emotions it evokes in you, the movement, the simplicity - art is very personal.
Art can also be expensive, so to avoid the high price tag take some time to tap into your creativity and make some art for your walls. Stores such as Michael's and IKEA have all sorts of simple frames at great prices and for your materials try craft stores or even Wal-Mart. By making your own art you control the colours used, the size and of course, the cost.

Even if you feel you have zero artisitc talent, here's an inspriring story - elephant artists! The endangered Sumatran elephants housed at the Bali Elephant Safari Park are truly big on talent - the talent of using their trunks for painting! The painting phenomenon for Bali Adventure Tours Safari Park elephants started in 1999, when two inspired artists, who established an Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project, came to visit the Park. The artists taught the elephants to paint inspirational works of saleable art (see image above) to help raise awareness and funds for the Parks own Elephant Foundation. The results? – Elephant Artifacts that have seen these jungle matriarch's works turn into international conversation pieces in art circles around the globe.

So get out the paint and canvas and go for it! Everyone has some artisitc ability - find yours!

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