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Friday, June 5, 2009

Kidding around!

One room in house where you can let your creative juices flow and flow is the kids room. One thing that is so much fun with children is that they can "get away" with things that adults could never do. Could you imagine yourself out in public in a onesie head-to-toe in bright lemon yellow ducks or walking in the ByWard market in a hot pink tutu and rainboots? No, but a child can and they look great doing it! So use your creativity and whimsy to create a space for your little one.

Here are some tips:

- If they are older, get their input. Maybe you have always wanted a pirate theme room but that was your dream, it might not be your child's.

- Think long term with more expensive items or projects such as furniture. A racecar bed is cool while your son is 5 but maybe not when he's 12. If you are creating a bathroom for your child keep tiles and cabinets relatively neutral (or at least something you can live with when the kids are away at college) and make your fun touches with hardware, paint colour and accessories.

- Think about designated spaces for homework or reading. If your little one is really little but you want to raise a reader have an area for books that he can have easy access to - you don't want him climbing the furniture.
- When purchasing bed linens, your child may love Dora or spiderman right now but not forever. So purchase bedding in a colour palette that can be updated with pillows of their favourite characters and the basic sheets and duvet can remain the same. Also the linens with the various characters are not very good quality and have to be replaced more often, so you are better off spending your money on higher quality linens and adding Hannah Montana accessories.

- Check out designer shops like Pottery barn kids for inspiration, there are less expensive options out there that achieve a very similar look.

- Try and select a theme that can grow with your child such as animals or sports.

- Make the space their's. If you have a child that loves arts and crafts, frame their artwork and put it up in their room. It's really inexpensive, easy to change up and the look on your child's face seeing their art framed is really priceless and heart melting!

- Keep the wall colour in tune with the theme or neutral but keep it light. Kids toys and other belongings tend to be very colourful already, so keep the backdrop (the walls) light and fresh - the space will feel bigger and fresh.

Remember you are decorating a child's room, your child's room, so have fun and make it a wonderful place to sleep, play, read and just be together!

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