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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Favourite things - Purse Racks

I know Oprah has her favourite things list every November, but I have my own. I will be writing regular blogs on great product finds for the home. Here is the first one.

If you LOVE handbags (like me) or know someone who does this is the PERFECT gift for them!

Most of my life is quite organized and routine but my closet looked like a tornado in a Department store! I made a real effort to tackle the mess and get organized. One of my biggest problems is that I love handbags - kind of like how Carrie Bradshaw loves her Manolo's - but my bags would always end up in a heap at the bottom of my closet on top of my shoes. One day while at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I noticed a small non descript package at the front cash - it was labeled "Purse Racks". The package contained two adjustable and stretchy nylon ropes with a series of plastic hooks for hanging, and at each end a metal hook to latch on to the top and bottom of your door - no drilling necessary! Since I was well aware of my handbag problem - I thought this product was made for me! So I purchased two packages and took them home to test it out!

This product is fantastic and super easy to install. You can use it for other items too, such as clothes, hats, caps and scarves. Each package holds up to 16 bags and since there is no drilling necessary, your doors are free from any damage. It took me no time at all to install and organize my handbags: and it only costs $13.99 (before taxes). My purses are off the floor, and now I can organize the rest of my closet...

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