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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Staging in a slower market

There are two very important factors when selling or listing your home today. The first is: the price and the other is : staging. In a slow or down market, when two homes in the same location are priced the same, the buyer will almost always purchase the staged home. Why? Because a staged home is usually better cared for, and it is much easier to visualize your furniture and other personal items in the staged home. Even in a slower market most clients are willing to pay a bit more for the staged home because it is move-in ready and the purchaser will not have any surprise costs.

Statistics show that even in a slower market, 95 % of staged homes sell on average in 35 days or less! Homes that are not staged on average take 187 days or more to sell!

In slower markets creativity is a definite factor when it comes to selling your home. Once a home is staged think of other ideas to get potential buyers through the home - charity event, food tasting, a garden tour. Potential buyers may come for the creativity but they might leave with the keys to their new home!

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