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Monday, July 20, 2009

The staged home - benefits for the buyer

In today's world, everyone is getting what they want when they want it. Things move quickly and it's important to keep up. The real estate world isn't any different! Today's buyer wants to view the house Monday, inspect it Tuesday, do the paperwork Wednesday, close on Thursday and move in on Friday! The benefits of a staged home for the seller are quite obvious but what are the benefits for the buyer?

1 -- The buyer can easily see what they are buying rather than looking past clutter and other issues with the home.

2 -- Buyers can easily fall in love with a house that they see because it has everything they need.

3 -- A professionally staged home gives the buyer excellent ideas on how to place their furniture and use certain areas of the home to maximize space and use.

4 -- Buyers have absolute peace of mind that all of the repairs have been attended to.

5 -- Buyers do not have to spend additional money on repairs and updates, because those have already been taken care of.

6 -- Buyers can move in and settle back into their routine more easily because they do not have to deal with the annoying challenges that moving typically requires, such as cleaning, repairing, painting, and updating.

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