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Monday, July 13, 2009

Favourite things - Anywhere Recycled Beanbags

One of my favourite stores and the one store I have to visit when in Toronto is POTTERY BARN! I love the colours, fabrics, timeless furniture and the overall style!

They are also carrying a product right now that is just perfect for anyone with children. It's the "Anywhere recycled beanbag"! They are beanbags covered in colourful cotton-canvas slipcovers that are machine washable, oh and the insert is 100% eco-friendly. They come is two sizes - 31" or 41" (diam.). You can choose your colour - solids: denim, green, red, hot pink or light pink or dots: light pink, green, or lavender. Another service from Pottery Barn is embroidery, you can have your child's name embroidered on or have inspirational words instead.

You can also get these beanbags in fabric that is suited for the outdoors - these are great to have near the sandbox or in the yard.
The prices range from $109 - $169. They are very durable and they will last longer than you'll probably need them.

These are so great you'll want to get more than one and your child will love them!

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