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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Downsizing - the fresh start

Downsizing is an exciting time but many downsizers cringe at the idea of getting rid of their cherished possessions. Does moving to a smaller space mean you have to give up your favourite things? No, of course not. Some pieces will have to be sold, or passed onto family members but it's really easy to keep certain items and other elements of the family home that you love.

The dining room
Items to keep - chairs, drapes, artwork and light fixtures are easy to move into the new space. Depending on the size of the table you had you may have to re-purpose some chairs but they are easy to carry into the decor of the new place, same with the light fixture and drapes (but depending on ceiling height they may have to be altered). Your artwork, you may have to change the placement or reduce the number of pieces but you can re-purpose the artwork in your new space.
Inspiration - if you loved the paint colour of your former dining room, why not do the same colour in your new space? Or, you could always use a modified version.
New items - a table and area carpet will likely need to be purchased in order to fit into the new room.

The living room
This room is a bit trickier. In the former home, you likely had both a family room and living room. The family room was probably used frequently and the living room rarely used, so how to combine them. Your new living space needs to be multifunctional - comfortable, useful, yet still stylish.
Items to keep - lamps, drapes, artwork, side tables, decor accessories all of these pieces can be re-purposed but perhaps not all of these items - choose your absolute favourites. Depending on the size of your living room sofa you might be able to use it but use it if, it is stylish and comfortable too.
Inspiration - again if you loved the paint colour of your old living room you could use it again but please remember that if your new space is open concept one colour throughout works best.
New items - an area carpet is likely needed because of the size of your new living room. A new coffee table is also a great idea. An ottoman can provide more seating and a glass coffee table can make any room feel more spacious - the choice is yours. A new sofa could be needed but occasional chairs are likely needed, look for slipper chairs or anything streamlined.

The kitchen
A well designed kitchen is a must in a smaller space. Small kitchens do not have to feel cramped they can be quite efficient.
Some points to keep a kitchen functional are :- a lighter kitchen feels larger, this storage for pots, pans, glasses etc..., an over the range microwave takes up less counter space, an island in the kitchen can act as a substitute for the breakfast area and cupboards right up to the ceiling can add a lot of extra storage room. If your floor plan includes a "breakfast nook" this can easily be used as an office area, small den with bookcases or another seating space.

The master bedroom
This is often the area where a lot of downsizers need to make some sacrifice. Your king size bed will likely not fit, so take this opportunity to purchase a lush and luxurious bed. Simple and light colour linens make the bedroom feel larger. Add a streamlined headboard and no foot board to make the room feel spacious. Side lamps installed on the wall instead of on the side tables makes the room feel less cluttered. Make sure to have side tables with drawers for storage.Again, area carpets would be needed because of the new room sizes.

Take advantage of this exciting time and remember cherished items are also precious to your loved ones. This is also a time to surround yourself with the items you love and create a space just for you. A fresh start is right around the corner!

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