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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

30 minute room makeover ideas

I am sure many of you would agree that most of the room makeovers we see on TV or in magazines are quite expensive and intrusive. So here are some quick and easy fixes to give your room (any room) a makeover in 30 minutes or less.

a -- storage solutions. how about a small box for remote controls, or a large serving tray to cover a coffee table surface. large serving trays are great ways to display collections on a console table or to keep books and magazines organized on a bedside table. add some candles and a vase with flowers to create a very small vignette. organizing your space can really make it feel new and fresh.

b -- new seat cushions. if you have chairs that allow for cushions, change them up and add some pop with colour or texture. choose a colour you love (and can live with) and you can play it up throughout your space.

c -- install a floating shelf. a new shelf can go anywhere - kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any room. they are a great way to eliminate clutter from photos, artwork, or collections from surface space. they help dress up your walls and bring attention to the pieces you place on it.

d -- hardware. change it up but be sure to measure the handles spread (if you have handles right now, knobs allow you to select a knob, pull or handle). but don't neglect the hardware on your furniture pieces, that too can really change up the look of a room.

e -- new lamp shades. another great way to add colour or pattern to a room, but remember to choose a colour that will work with the other colours you have injected into the space. also try a new shape of shade.

f -- area carpet. this works well in the living room under the coffee table, in the bedroom or perhaps (depending on the size of ...) your bathroom. this adds texture, pattern and/or colour.

g -- add a new shower curtain and don't forget the hooks. this can really freshen up your space and create a spa like atmosphere. don't see anything you like? purchase a curtain (intended for a 'dry' room) and be sure to have a waterproof shower liner to keep it dry. the hooks add some shine to the space.

h -- new seating. you can never have too much but it can get expensive, so add stools or cubes in a material such as a leather, rattan, or micro suede. this not only adds seating but some colour and/or texture and perhaps storage.

i -- peel and stick tiles. not for the floor but the back splash. Home Depot has some reasonably priced peel and stick metallic tiles for the back splash. this is a bit more permanent that the other suggestions but if you are looking to update a kitchen, make a big impact but spend little money - this will do all of that. easy to install.

With a long winter still ahead of us, a room makeover can give you something fun and exciting to do. Try all or some of these but a room makeover can really beat the winter blahs.

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