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Friday, March 26, 2010

Outdoor decor ideas

Keep cool and comfortable this summer with these 10 chic ways to create a stylish patio.

1 -- A double lounger is very the essence poolside style but it is also great for spreading out for a nap or cuddling with your sweetie (or kids). They come in all sorts of finishes and colourful cushions. Check out a home decor store for weather-friendly throw cushions to add a homey feel to the outdoors.

2 -- Hand woven trays and bowls are perfect for entertaining. They have an organic look and perfect for the outdoor setting. They are moisture resistant and easy to clean.

3 --An outdoor fireplace. There are many styles to choose from - very modern to more traditional. By burning citronella fuel you'll also keep the bugs away from your space.

4 -- A wide, cantilevered patio umbrella offers sun protection and still looks stylish.

5 -- Large, up-lit flower pots make a patio space feel very sophisticated. ( Try the store design within reach. These easy to clean, illuminated pots can serve many purposes - a great way to display greenery and for parties, use them as ice buckets or open drink trays. They add some ambiance to the patio too. (see the above image).
6 -- Look for an outdoor area carpet. The materials are designed for the outdoors so they are easy to maintain. This will add some comfort to bare feet and create a cohesive, homey space.
7 -- Outdoor lighting. Some people like the light of tiki torches (filled with citronella fuel), little white Christmas lights, solar lamps or outdoor candles - either of these choices works depending on the look you want to achieve. Outdoor lighting creates mood but is also a great safely tip for when your guests are circulating at your summer parties.
8 -- Herb gardens are great if your patio area is particularly shady. Keep your herbs in pots (easy to bring them inside when the cold weather arrives). They add a beautiful aroma to your setting and can be used in salads and cocktails, mojitos anyone?
9 -- Want to keep your indoors clean, while entertaining outside? Keep a basket of flip flops by the patio door so when guests need to come inside they can slip these on and keep your interior clean.
10 -- Entertaining with children? Have a seating area for the kids too. Try big bean bag chairs covered in an outdoor fabric or have their own hang out area under a covered canopy. Have some toys that are outdoor friendly. Make them a special drink (I used to mix ginger ale and orange juice with strawberry and kiwi garnishes for my niece and nephew - they really thought they were part of the party too). If the kids are entertained than their parents will be able to relax and enjoy their evening too.

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