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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Favourite things - chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint has been on the market for a while but I recently used it in my own home during our renovation this fall and I just love it!

When we discovered that our current kitchen cabinet had been discontinued we were stuck on what to do for doors on our new pantry.

We decided to re-create cabinets in the same design as our current kitchen and use the same hardware but we painted the cabinet/pantry doors with chalkboard paint. It's a large surface where we keep our grocery list, to-do list and our weekly calendar. It is so useful and user-friendly. I know that when my children are older they will love drawing on the chalkboard while we are busy making dinner. It was easy and inexpensive. So what else can you do with chalkboard paint?

- a great gift idea is to paint flower pots with chalkboard paint and using chalk, write a message.

- use the paint on glass jars for the kitchen and label the container with chalk. an easy but fun way to create a cookie jar or canisters of tea and/or coffee.

- re-vamp an old coffee table by re-finishing the surface in chalkboard paint. keep a bowl of chalk near by and the keep it in the family room, your kids and their friends will love this!

- a wall or just a framed space on a wall, perfect for the kitchen or family room for keeping lists or just for drawing.

- a very creative backsplash. can't afford tile? a chalkboard backsplash is unique and easy.

Chalkboard paint now comes in a sorts of colours, so it's even more fun!

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