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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fireplaces : Drab to Fab!

In this heat it is really tough to think about decorating the fireplace but soon enough you'll want to do nothing else. The fireplace is functional and fashionable whether it's gar or wood burning it is the focal point of any room - how can you really make this focal point hot?

Here are some great tips -

-- think about the overall look you want and decorating your fireplace accordingly, contemporary design is clean and traditional/formal more ornate.

-- think about the size of the room, that will help you determine how dramatic you can get.

Ways to make the fireplace 'pop':

-- add a beautiful tile for the surround and hearth or if the fireplace breast sticks out from the wall, maybe tile the whole wall. stone, ceramic or even glass tiles can make strong statements

-- paint the fireplace breast in a bold colour

--double vision - (best in a big dramatic room) the plaster fireplace mantle/surround you have around you fireplace can also be added to the breast, paint it out the whole area in one solid colour, the second mantle/surround acts as an extra large and bold frame for art or a mirror

Decorating the fireplace -

-- the mantle tends to get cluttered with family photos and trophies. keep the trophies in more personal spaces like bedroom shelves or the office. the photos should be framed and mounted on the wall in a montage above the fireplace (or the sofa)

-- candlesticks and vases are classic and clean. have them flanked on either side of the mantle and keep the sides a even.

-- the fireplace breast is the perfect spot for a large mirror, a fabulous vase with flowers or a beautiful piece of art.

The fireplace itself should be the focal point by adding to much colour or clutter you are turning it into an eye sore. Keep it clean and simple no matter your personal decor style!

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