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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Earn your Stripes - Decor project

Here's an easy and inexpensive art project to jazz up your bare walls.

You will need:

- picture frame

- scissors

- scotch tape

- bristol board (white is best but black works too)

- ribbon (various widths and colours)

1 Start by selecting coloured ribbon from any craft store. Various widths and colours too. Trying to work with existing fabrics? Bring in a sample and work off of it.

2 Lie frame face down remove the back and, make sure glass is clean and clear.

3 Lay ribbon down on the glass (horizontal or vertical - you decide). This project looks best if strips of ribbon are slightly layered.

4 Tape ribbon ion place at the ends and in the middle too, this prevents any gaps from showing

5 Now, use the backing of the frame on the bristol board, trace it and cut. The britol board will act as the background to your ribbon - the entire glass should not be covered in ribbon.

6 Place bristol board in frame - take a look - if you are happy seal it up with the backing.

7 Voila! Any easy yet very chic piece of art for your walls!

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