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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fresh flowers - not just for special occasions!

I just love fresh flowers and they can really add life to a room, any room! Traditionally, we will see them on a kitchen or dining table and usually only on special occasions, but why not brighten up you world (and your day) with some fresh flowers in unexpected rooms?

I always keep a fresh cut bouquet in my master bedroom and when I used to work in an office (out side of my home) I had a fresh bouquet on my desk (especially during the drab winter months).

Not sure what to ask for? See an expert try or they can help you find just what you are looking for. But here are some styles of bouquets:

Single stem: usually one type of flower wrapped with a ribbon.

Nosegay: often seen at weddings (the bridal party) they are small round bouquets and often have greenery.

Hand tied: bouquets that are round in shape may consist of one or multiple types of flowers and the stems are tightly wrapped with a beautiful ribbon.

Arm: often seen at pageants, they are large bouquets and are often long stemmed allowing them to rest across the arms.

Cascade: The flowers and greenery are arranged in a way to resemble a fountain.

When talking to your florist be as honest as you can. You can select by budget, colour, type of flowers etc...You can also mention if you want something on the traditional side or something more modern. Check out some online sites to get an idea for something specific

Remember flowers for anytime are just, if not more special!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New listing - Check it out!

My latest staging 'project' listed with the Bennett Real Estate Pros.

Checkout the following listing - 275 McLeod.

275 McLeod

Is a great, newly renovated heritage home (the original structure was built in 1929) which is now 2 condos (one at approx. 890 sq ft and the other at 1490 sq ft). The owner kept the heritage charm (take a look at the stunning banister, the over sized windows, the original exterior, extra high ceilings and the architectural interest in the master loft) but included some more current touches such as a stainless steel kitchen back splash, modern sinks, current colour palette, and espresso stain hardwood. You can see the work in progress with this video.

See the finished product at under their listings link.

This unit is the large of the two. The staging itself consists of a main floor open living room including a great window seat for extra seating for nights of entertaining, a dining table that seats 6 and a gourmet kitchen with a large island. The colour palette is very easy and fresh, cream, beige, espresso and some pops of yellow and green. The furniture is streamlined but still comfortable for lounging and for guests.

When you enter the main floor full bath off of one of two bedroom, you'll notice the extra high ceilings, the contemporary sink and vanity and the serene colour tones that make everyday feel like a spa getaway.

Upstairs is where you'll find the master loft, which includes a large den for reading, office space, an art studio, home theatre or for the fashion conscience an extremely large closet space! In this situation, I staged this area as a multi-functional den including book cases, a smooth glass coffee table and a low but cozy oyster colour sofa. The lower sofa really accentuates the architectural interest in the ceilings. Down the hall on your way to the master bath and boudoir, you'll notice even more room for storage with a low minimalist style cabinet in espresso playing off of the lighter colour tones. This cabinet is also low but smooth and tucked away.

The master bedroom is bright and fresh with two sky lights. this room is also so large that there is room for a king size bed plus side tables and a dresser - this is extremely rare in a condo! I chose a very soft colour palette for this room - white on white. The bed frames, linens and pillows are all dressed in white with a few touches of grey, green and pink. Lighter bedrooms tend to be more calming and relaxing. The furniture, again, is very streamlined not a lot of fuss!

Other little decor tricks to notice in this place, the wall treatments. Wall tattoos are increasing in popularity you'll see them in the master bedroom, the master bathroom and my favourite the dining room (the large spoon and fork). The use of glass tables in the loft den and the living room are function but they disappear so they do not take up too much space, this is a great trick in a condo or any smaller space.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Closet freak!

Making the most of your closet space (or lack there of!)

If you can see the items in your closet you are less likely to shop for new items when a special event comes up, because you will know what you have and what you don't need. A large closet is not necessary but here are some tip for any size closet to keep it organized.

1 -- Choose one type of hanger. A variety of hangers can take up space and also make a closet look messy.

2 -- Organize pieces in groups. Keep jackets, jeans etc... together, that way when you are looking for a certain item you know just where to look.

3 -- Get vertical. Install hooks for scarves, belts and long jewellery - these piece tend to get jumbled up by hanging them you'll know just where they all are.

4 -- Be clear. Keep undergarments, workout gear etc... in clear plastic bins. They are put away, dust-free and easy to spot.

5 -- Go natural. Eco-friendly storage pins such as bamboo can keep insects away! You can also try lavender, cedar or eucalyptus.

Treat your closet like a store display - if it is organized you will likely feel at ease and welcome. But a big old mess, is a turn off and a source of stress.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Create a calm and elegant room

Here are 5 easy trick to create the perfect tranquil room.

1 -- USE LESS FURNITURE. Just like having too much on the brain can be overwhelming so can too much stuff in a room. By editing down the contents of a room, you can very quickly make it feel calmer. Go piece by piece and ask the question Does this item contribute to style, functionality or clutter? Eliminate the clutter.

2 -- CHOOSE RESTFUL TONES. Statistics show that green and blue tones evoke feelings of calmness. Keep the palette to two or three low contrasting hues (ones similar in intensity) throughout the entire space (walls, furniture and objects.)

3 -- INTRODUCE SYMMETRY. The eye is naturally drawn to symmetry and this creates a feeling of comfort and familiarity. Think pairs of tables, lamps, or chairs to create visual order but still feeling chic and relaxed.

4 -- SELECT SOFT FABRICS WITH SOME TEXTURE. Again stick with low contrast patterns or single colours in rich fabrics. Texture is visually exciting but also cozy and comfortable. Layer different patterns and textures on a bed or a sofa for a relaxed look.

5 -- INCLUDE NATURAL MATERIALS. Nature is always laid back so bring the nature in by including materials such as sisal, bamboo or wicker. You can find chairs, rugs and other decor items in natural materials.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Superbowl party ideas!

Yes, the Superbowl is coming up soon, February 7 to be exact! Are you planning a party?

Here are some great ideas for the perfect Superbowl party, who knows this may even become an annual event at your home.


1 -- Send invites 2-3 weeks before the party

2 -- One week before buy the wine

3 -- 2-3 days before the party, buy the beer, pop and non perishables.

4 -- 2 days before the party, buy the remaining groceries and make baked goods.

5 -- One day, make chili (it is always better the following days to come) and coleslaw.

6 -- Morning of, set up sandwich bar, chill beer and wine.

7 -- Four hours, set up bar area

8 -- One hour, prepare your signature drink (2 pitchers) and refridgerate (see recipe below)

9 -- 15 minutes, set up dips, chips, salsa etc...

10 -- At halftime, set up dessert - a sundae bar is a great idea!

*Your invites can be done via the Internet but a piece of mail usually gets a better response. You could purchase cards or even have your children draw pictures and you can write the party details for your invitees.

The kickoff (your party's signature drink)

serves 12

Combine 1 1/2 cups of tequila, 3/4 cups triple sec, 7 1/2 cups of orange juice, and 6 tbsp of fresh lime juice. To serve, add ice to the pitcher and pour into glasses rimmed with salt. Garnish with lime wheels.

**For a sandwich bar, have platters of sliced veggies, cheeses and meats maybe even bowls of chicken or egg salad. Have a selection of buns and bread with various condiments. This is a great and easy way to feed your guests, this way you will actually get to enjoy the game too!

Or, even easier pre-order a sandwich platter from your grocery store.

***For a sundae bar, same concept just different ingredients and for an easy clean up, serve ice cream in waffle bowls instead of glass ones.

Other fun ideas: rate the commercials with your friends using score cards or organize a football pool.

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