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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Totally Floored!

This company and it's product came across my desk today and I have to say - I love it!!

This easy to install carpet flooring system truly is genius!  It doesn't damage the floor, it can easily be cut to fit any space and you have options because if you spill or make a mess, you can actually pull up the carpet piece and wash it! and, if totally necessary simply replace that carpet tile with a new one....

It's also super duper easy to order exactly the amount you need.


I also love the selection, you've got everything from animal prints, stripes to texture cable knit.

For a bold look check out the 'rake me over' collection.  A graphic chevron in any colour combo you like

For a cozy cabin vibe, check out the 'sweater weather' collection.  I love it in pearl or chalk

For a contemporary but neutral loo, check out the 'lacebark' collection.

You can opt for wall-to-wall or area rugs.  these are great in high traffic areas especially if you have pets or children, or both....

YES, carpet can be exciting!!!

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Easy Upgrades

Lately, I have been looking at my home with an objective eye.  Why? Because all too often I see homeowners get too comfortable in their space and then when they finally decide to do some renos it is so costly and such a huge production that they just don't.  So I've been looking around my home and making some minor tweaks here and there and wow, does it ever make a difference!  You don't have to drop a bundle on a kitchen reno try switching out your hardware or maybe a new kitchen faucet (like I did).

Here are some easy fixes for your home.

Update your lamps with new shades, try colour or black or a new simpler shape for a more streamlined look

Update your accent cushions with designer fabrics, a bit of a splurge but maybe just do the fronts of the pillows and save with a solid for the back


Replace the legs on your sofa, opt for sleeker lines

Sew drapery rings to ready-made flat panels.  This gives them a custom look (without the price) and they will open more easily too


Try re-framing your favourite photos and create a gallery wall.  Less clutter on surfaces (so less dusting) and it's a great way to show off the people you love or the places you have traveled.

Switch out the old hardware in your bathrooms and kitchen - it's amazing what a $2.99 handle can do to a room!

Spray paint your outdoor wicker or metal furniture instead of buying all new stuff.  If you live in a cooler climate like me with a short summer it's hard to justify the price of new furniture so I spray paint mine.


Spray paint your builder-grade brass doorknobs in a matte black for a fresh facelift with the cost of replacing them..  You can even do this for the brass surround of your fireplace just get a spray paint that is resistant to heat

This summer lighten up that dark furniture with some slipcovers!

If you don't have a kitchen back splash think about installing on this year.  chances are it isn't a big space so you could splurge a bit on an expensive tile - this classic shape like a subway tile but you can get creative with material.  Glass subway tiles look amazing!

Switch out the old builder grade or 1980's light fixture especially the ones in the entry and dining room, they make the most impact and are the most viewed.

Take a look at some of your older pieces, could you give them new life (paint job or new fabric?) or how about a new use?  An old bench with new paint and some fabric would be a great addition to an entry or mudroom.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I've got your number!

When it comes to certain decor questions (like height or size) it really is a numbers game, sometimes you can get away with winging it but when you use correct measurements the space looks so much better.

How high should I put the....


ART  60" to 66" measured from the floor to the centre of the art piece

SCONCES 68" measured from the floor to the bulb

CHAIR RAIL 30" measured from the floor

The right Size of Area RUG


For the living room....

IDEAL : Aim for 10" of bare floor between the rug and the walls of the room

BETTER : every leg on every piece of furniture sits easily and comfortably on the rug

GOOD:  the front legs of the sofa (or entire sofa) and armchairs on the rug, end tables partially on and accent tables are off the rug

For the dining room....

 Rug should be at least 24" wider and longer than the backs of the chairs when they are pulled up to the table, so they don't go beyond the rug when they are pulled out

For the bedroom...

Rug should extend at least 18" - 24" beyond all sides of the bed, so that it covers the footpath around the bed

Choosing a dining table that fits....

Round tables are best for square rooms, 36" seats 4 and 54" seats 6

Rectangle tables are good for most rooms 40"x72" seats 6 and 44" x 80" seats 8

Oval tables are good for wide rooms 47 3/4" x 78" seats 6

Some numbers to keep in mind -
- Allow 24" of space for each person seated at the table
- Leave at least 2' to 3' between the backs of chairs and a wall (or piece of furniture) so the chair can be comfortably moved in and out

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