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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Totally Floored!

This company and it's product came across my desk today and I have to say - I love it!!

This easy to install carpet flooring system truly is genius!  It doesn't damage the floor, it can easily be cut to fit any space and you have options because if you spill or make a mess, you can actually pull up the carpet piece and wash it! and, if totally necessary simply replace that carpet tile with a new one....

It's also super duper easy to order exactly the amount you need.


I also love the selection, you've got everything from animal prints, stripes to texture cable knit.

For a bold look check out the 'rake me over' collection.  A graphic chevron in any colour combo you like

For a cozy cabin vibe, check out the 'sweater weather' collection.  I love it in pearl or chalk

For a contemporary but neutral loo, check out the 'lacebark' collection.

You can opt for wall-to-wall or area rugs.  these are great in high traffic areas especially if you have pets or children, or both....

YES, carpet can be exciting!!!

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