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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Grand Entry

Whether you live in a smaller space or a larger family home, I'm sure you know the importance of the entry.  It's where we enter and leave our home everyday, we leave our mail, our school bags, shoes... you name it!  It's grand central station....but what can you do if your entry space is limited?

These pieces may inspire you to create a more practical (and stylish) entry

1 Transparent console table
Styling a small space can be difficult because it can easily appear cluttered as soon as you start to fill it with furniture and accessories. A modern transparent console table is not only narrow, but is seemingly non-existent and you get surface space without the bulk!  I love the mirror paired with the transparent console, allowing light to reflect in the space so it looks larger. Underneath the console table is a great spot for a seat (like a stool) and/or a box or basket for things you don't want to display like mitts, scarves, running shoes etc....This entry is girly-glam bu this could easily work paired with some organic elements like wood, sisal and leather (see second image)

entryway 1 4 entryway design ideas for small spaces
 Photography by Yale Wagner

 I like this look - clear acrylic console; super large black and white piece; brown shade on the lamp. from delight by design

 2 Stools
I love the look of a bench or chair to give ample comfort when putting on shoes, but most apartment/condo entryways simply can’t house a larger piece of furniture. A stool or smaller upholstered bench is a smarter solution and can also tuck under a small desk or table to save extra space. Look for a stool or ottoman with storage options.

entryway 2 4 entryway design ideas for small spaces
 Photography Angus Fergusson
3 Mirrors
Whether you’re dealing with a narrow or dark entryway, mirrors work double duty to help reflect light into that space, as well as create the illusion that it’s bigger than it really is. And a last check before running out the door is always good to have.  I also love the industrial chair by the front door this is perfect for sitting down to put on or take off your boots.  See image 2, I love the full length mirror at the entry, a great way to have another full look at yourself before you leave, now there's no excuse for mismatched socks and shoes!

entryway 3 4 entryway design ideas for small spaces
 Photography by Brandon Barre

large floor mirror for a small entry, great color with gold mirror frame via Apartment Therapy

 4 Hooks and lighting
If you’re working with an especially tight entryway, hooks are a life saver. Who needs a table surface when you can hang up your coats, scarves, keys and sunglasses? As for lighting, if you don’t have a ceiling fixture, try installing sconces.  This also works because the storage pieces and the wall blend into one another and they are finished in a light tone so the entry feels larger

entryway 4 4 entryway design ideas for small spaces
 Photography by Donna Griffith

 5. Easy Storage
Baskets, boxes, bowls and more are great ways to keep things in order and you do not have so spend a fortune either.  A slim console table is perfect in a small entry and use the open space below for storage (or seating), don't forget a bowl on top of the table surface for keys, mail etc...

Santi's Royal Home: 41 Cool Interiors With Exposed Brick Walls
 6.  Floating shelves
If your entry space is very tight you may want to opt out of furniture all together and install a floating shelf - perfect for keys and mail.  An umbrella stand would fit nicely underneath and you could add a coat rack for easy access to coats and jackets.  you could even add a hook or two under the floating shelf, perfect for a dog leash. Don't forget a few accessories to make it pretty too!

Small Entry? Great Ideas! • Creative DIY entry decorating ideas for your small space!

Also if you are considering selling your home, a welcoming entry will not only make buyers feel good and leave them with a great impression but it will also give them a great idea how to live beautifully and functionally in the space.

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