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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Downsize with Style

Downsizing is a tough experience but it can also be very freeing!  A fresh new chapter in life where you can have a space that is all yours, so enjoy!  It can be tricky to know where or how  to start so here are some helpful tips for downsizing in style.

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Transitioning to a smaller space poses one of the biggest challenges, often, people want to move their entire homes into their condos. Instead, consider it a fresh new space, and be willing to make sacrifices and part with pieces.You can pass them onto family and friends that would love them as much as you did or consider consignment or donation.  You can't keep everything!


Organize and Optimize

The smaller the space, the more organized it has to be. An excellent way to control clutter is to have furniture custom made.They’ll fit your space much better than ready-made pieces, and the cost difference isn’t as much as you would think. Building floor-to-ceiling shelves (1 foot deep) along the entire length of one wall for books, CDs, and knickknacks. There’s a lot you can store in 12 inches. You won’t miss the foot, but you’ll gain all that storage. In the end the extra cost will be worth it to get exactly what you want and need.


Bring The Outside In

Create a seamless transition between interior and exterior by choosing color palettes and natural materials (hardwood, granite, or textured wool carpeting) that complement the view from your window.
When there are no visual barriers, the outside comes in and becomes a part of the room … (and) a small room can appear more spacious.


Watch That Scale

Select furniture pieces in proportion to the size of a room. Oftentimes, people want to push the boundaries of how much a space can hold, but size isn’t everything; comfort can be accomplished with a 60- or 96-inch sofa. Rooms have to breathe, furniture has to breathe. Filling a space with lots of small items, crowds a room the same way extra large furniture will, so scale is very important.


Find Flexible Furniture

Every piece should have a function, or at least be mobile and flexible. Nesting tables are fabulous in that way,  as are sectional sofas that split apart. Ottomans that open are great for storage and can be tucked beneath console tables. Or use a trunk as a coffee table.Also look for storage sofas and beds!

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