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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Best Paint Colour to Sell Your Home

We all know when you move into your new home you want to make your own statement with your favourite colours but when it comes time to sell you need to think broad appeal.  Many sellers just opt for a basic white so that the new buyers can visualize any colour of their choice but that doesn't help to present the home in it's best light.  so look for a colour/tone that will really suit the existing finishes in your home (tile, carpet, hardwood, cabinets etc...)  You will also get your money's worth with a fresh coat of paint

Top 10 Paint Colors That Will Sell Your Home
The right hues make your home more salable

If you want to sell your home, it may be time to update your paint colors. Vibrant or nontraditional color schemes can turn off would-be buyers. And if you haven't painted in some time, doing so will modernize your home. The following paint colors have a broad appeal. 

Exterior Colors

White gives a clean, lived-in look and offers the opportunity to accent trim with a corresponding color that matches or complements the roof color. White also offers a wide variety of shades from which to choose.

Beige sets a conservative tone and tends to contrast well if your home is set against a wooded area. It is also a good color to choose if you have brickwork or stonework and if your roof is composed of wood shingle or slate. Beige also blends well with rich accent colors, such as forest green.

Tan and brown
If other homes in your neighborhood are also tan or brown, this is a good choice. Tan and brown also tends to look good when you have stone or brickwork, and this color can complement a wood shingle or slate roof.

If you opt for gray, use a light form of this color, which will make your home look larger. Gray is especially attractive if you also have a roof that is a complementary shade of the same color. White and black trim blends well with gray, giving a distinctive and elegant look to a house.

The muted tone of blue works well for homes of certain architectural styles such as cottage and Victorian. Choose the hue carefully, as too bold of a blue can give an overly dramatic look to your home.

Now that you know which improvements tend to be a bust when it comes to your home's resale value, you can avoid these unadvised renovations and get the best possible price for your home. 

Interior Colors

Light blue
Blues in lighter shades lend an air of quiet reflection, so this color is best used in rooms where relaxation takes place, such as bedrooms, studies, libraries and bathrooms. Avoid darker shades of blue, as they can create an imposing effect.

Yellow gives a fresh, vibrant, happy feeling to a room. Opt for light shades of this color, which look especially good when accented with white trim. Yellow is particularly effective in the kitchen..

Light shades of green can bring a cheery feeling to a room. This color often acts as an attractive accent to wood furniture. Since it is a playful color, it is especially suited for children's bedrooms and playrooms and family and great rooms.

This earth tone works well when the architecture of the interior of the home calls for darker colors. Coffee blends well with hardwood flooring, beamed ceilings and rattan furnishings. It can also be accented with darker colors, including greens and reds.

Cream colors give the interior of a home the clean, crisp look of white without the glare. Cream comes in a wide spectrum of hues, from yellow- to brown-tinged. This color works well in living and dining rooms, as well as bedrooms. 

Stay away from:
- Accent walls
- Bold or dark colour, lighter is always better
- More than 3 colours inside of the home (preferably 3 colours that work together let's say coffee, cream and a soft sand)
- Sponging, aging or any faux finish
- two toned walls separated by chair rail (very dated)
- Coloured trim, doors and base boards (stick with a white or off white)
Follow these color suggestions, and your home is likely to attract plenty of buyers. 

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